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We’ve talked today about how we love glitter and sparkles, especially when it’s the cooler months, and we talked about glitter yarn, but what about something else shimmery? Something like… jewelry? You may ask us how jewelry and making tie in together, and we would have the same question!

But we’ve compiled a list of all of the notions we can wear as jewelry and still refer to when making our next favorite project! Whether it be a needle sizer or a ruler of some kind, there’s a hidden treasure trove of jewelry-based accessories! 

The ILOVEHANDLES Wrist Ruler is expertly crafted from soft, genuine leather and has engraved inch and centimeter measurements that are easy on the eyes. Available in multiple sizes and designed to be worn around your wrist twice, this helpful accessory will help you out when you find yourself needing to measure things (such as your newest project) on the go! Securing with a silver stud closure, this classy notion doubles as a simple bracelet. Don’t want to wear it as a bracelet? You can also use the ILOVEHANDLES Wrist Ruler as a shawl cuff!

Delicate and modern, the ILOVEHANDLES Knitting Necklace Needle Sizer is the 
perfect gift for the knitter in your life who may want to show off their love for stitching!

This pendant not only looks super cute and beautiful but doubles as a needle gauge (US whole sizes 0-10). Stash it in your jewelry box, in your project bag, or wear it proudly and show the world your maker’s spirit! 

ILOVEHANDLES aren’t the only people that have stellar jewelry that doubles as useful tools for your craft! Katrinkles has a beautiful necklace, handmade in Rhode Island and laser-etched in domestic cherry wood.

This necklace comes with three pendants that make your project easier: a ruler that measures up to 2″, a needle gauge, and a wraps-per-inch tool with notes to reference when measuring your yarn’s weight! 

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