Pros Share Their Tips for a Great Landscape Layout

Mom’s Design Build
Mom’s Design Build

What Are the Main Features You Like to Include in a Design?

Of course, the main features will vary greatly depending on the project, but Silva says he’ll generally include a patio for entertaining, the main body of the landscape — lawn or gravel — and the borders.

“The more integrated into the home the better, so it makes sense for the first zone, closest to the house, to be where you dine outdoors or sit and hang out,” Gomme says. “[The] key to getting the right feel is balancing out the hard surfaces — patios, fences, walls, decking — with plenty of planting and making it comfortable with seating, cushions, shelter from sun or rain, and so on.”

Lindsay says that although every layout varies hugely, she tries to include one universal thing: a sense of mystery. “Even the smallest [yard] should have an unrevealed area to create a destination,” she says. “The parameters should never feel finite — you don’t want to see your fence panels in their entirety, or you’ll be reminded of the limitations of your [yard].”

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