9 Questions to Ask Before You Plan Your New Kitchen

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5. How Do I Get the Most Efficient Layout?

The layout of your kitchen is a big decision, and you may need professional advice. It’s helpful to know early on where gas and electrical outlets are going to go for each appliance, and of course drainage for plumbed items. Kitchen designers strive to create zones for cooking, washing and prepping. This is useful for the smooth running of your kitchen and for ensuring that your plumbed items can be easily drained (positioned on an outside wall or with a straight run to the outside).

Consider the space between cooktops and windows or tower cabinets, and between electrical outlets and sinks. Think about which appliances can sit in close proximity to others, and take account of whether doors can open safely, as well as the minimum distance between a run of cabinets and an island, for instance, for a comfortable walkway.

Most retailers will draw up a plan for you, and some will even visit your home to measure and check the positions of things like the water heater and utility meters. Ask around and get a variety of designs to help you make the best use of your space.

Key Measurements to Help You Design Your Kitchen

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