Meet Jimmy’s Sketchbook – Your new Colorway Companion!

Have you ever struggled figuring out which colorways go best together when shopping for yarn online? Do you have a hard time imagining colorwork projects?? or maybe you’re the thrifty type who screenshots yarn colors and puts them on a page to compare side by side?

We know the struggle! That’s why we here at Jimmy Beans Wool have been hard at work developing a brand new tool to change the way you view your yarn!

Meet Jimmy’s Sketchbook – Your New Colorway Companion!

One of the most exciting aspects of working with yarn is all the endless colorway possibilities. Whether it’s a blanket, shawl, colorwork, socks or anything else you can wrap your hooks and needles around, color picking is oh-so-important, if not, the most vital decision you’ll make!

Designed to help virtual shoppers, Jimmy’s Sketchbook gives you the ability to drag and drop different yarn colors onto a clean grid to compare hues and see which look good together. Once you’ve finalized your color palette, you can add it straight to your cart and check out! Easy as 1, 2, 3!

So how exactly does it work?

Let’s say you want to make the Yesnia Scarf and Hat set in Berroco Remix Chunky yarn.

Beautiful and simple yet with bold and striking color changes throughout. You want this project on your needles ASAP but the colorways just aren’t doing it for you!

With Jimmy’s Sketchbook, the possibilities for potential palettes are endless! Be your own designer! Layout your own palette ideas, compare and contrast, add to cart, and create!

What else can I do?

Planning on a HUGE project? Or maybe you want to compare palette ideas? With Jimmy’s Sketchbook, you can add up to 64 skeins in one grid! Another awesome feature is the left side of your sketchbook, which will show you every single skein along with details such as yardage, weight, pricing and the option to duplicate or remove a colorway. Talk about handy!


One very important aspect of color picking is the values and tones that lie beneath the surface! Too often we have chosen a palette for colorwork that we think would go well only to work it up into muddy motifs that are hard to see and even harder to appreciate!

Putting together the perfect colorwork palette can be TOUGH! With our Grayscale option, it’s now that much easier to see if your undertones truly contrast and if your color values work well together! 

Save and Send!

Those with a Jimmy Beans account get exclusive access to special features!

Account holders can save their personalized sketchbook tot heir library and come back for later reference. Name your sketchbook accordingly and return when inspiration strikes!

Account holders can also share a copy of their sketchbook!

Need inspiration or a second opinion from a friend? Just click “Copy a Link to Share” and send it off to all your fiber friends! The recipient will only get a copy of your sketchbook, meaning you will still have your own original work of art and the receiver can add and take away as they please on their own device.

Create your next project with Jimmy’s Sketchbook today!

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