Crochet bunny time!

       Hello my yarny friends,  I hope you are all going ok and staying healthy, I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but there is a lot of Covid around here, so many people have had it,  I feel like I’m just waiting my turn. 

Anyway, it’s nearly Easter and this is the time of year that I seem to like to crochet bunnies.  I always think I’ll have plenty of time to hook up a big bunch of bunnies, but time gets away from me.

So here are some bunnies that I made over the weekend, I’m pretty pleased with this little family, I used Rauma Garn Puno for the bigger bunnies and it was a dream to crochet with and has given them a cute fuzzy fabric. It’s a blown type yarn where the fibres are blown into a tiny tube so its very light and airy.  

You can of course make these with any yarn you like, I’ve made tiny ones in 2ply and 4ply in the past and once a giant 20ply bunny which was fun.  Just adjust your hook size for the yarn weight you are using, I always go down a few sizes so the fabric is nice and firm and the stuffing doesn’t show through.

I’ve popped a link to the pattern if you’d like to give it a try.

You can also find it on on my Ravelry page Julie Harrison Designs, I have updated the pattern slightly and also made it available free as a little thank you gift to all my yarny peeps.  I hope you have fun with it!

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