Concrete Recycling 101: Give New Life to Old Concrete

Whether you’re smashing up your old concrete driveway or tearing down a wall of blocks, you’ll have to deal with its disposal. When giving away old concrete isn’t an option, recycling is your best bet.

Concrete Recycling 101

What is Concrete Recycling?

Concrete recycling takes old concrete and forms it into a new product. Recycling facilities can pulverize concrete, turning it into aggregate for construction projects, landscaping rocks, blocks, or reconstitute it into new concrete.

The method of recycling depends on the scope of the job. In some large commercial jobs, recyclers may pulverize the concrete on site to cut down on costs and pollution. Other times, they take large slabs to their quarry and form them into smaller pieces like pavers or blocks.

Where to Recycle Concrete

While a building materials specialist will transport or recycle on-site for large construction projects, residential concrete differs. Your best bet is to locate a concrete recycler and call them for specific information.

 If you have a small amount of concrete and an appropriate vehicle, you can bring it to the recycling center yourself. If you have significant amounts to get rid of, a building materials specialist may be interested in picking it up – if not, they can direct you to the next best options.

To find a concrete recycler in your area, search Google, Earth911, and check your state’s EPA website.

Other options to recycle concrete include:

  • Renting a construction and demolition dumpster – Check ahead of time for companies who will recycle the waste rather than take it to the landfill.
  • Haul the concrete to a C&D recycling station – Construction and demolition recycling centers accept many types of recyclable building materials, including concrete.
  • Hire a junk hauling service to take the concrete for you – While expensive depending on the amount of concrete, a junk hauling service can load up and deliver your concrete to a recycling center.

Where to Buy Concrete Recycled Aggregate

A quick Google search should reveal many local aggregate companies offering recycled concrete. Buying recycled concrete aggregate is cheaper than natural aggregate, and using it helps support recycling programs, keeping this reusable building material out of the landfill.

How to Recycle Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks are easier to give away than crushed concrete slabs. Give your old concrete blocks new life by listing them on Freecycle, Facebook groups, or Craigslist.

You can also deliver them to a concrete recycling center or construction and demolition recycling center.

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