Colors That Go With Lavender

Colors that go with lavender create harmonious color palettes for various interior designs. Lavender goes well with pastel shades, bolder colors, neutrals, and more.

Colors That Go With Lavender: 15 Color Palette Ideas

Lavender’s matching colors unleash its full potential, whether you need a serene atmosphere or a vibrant ambiance. The color’s delicate, soothing tones are a suitable foundation for exploring different combinations.

1. Lavender, White, and Gold

Lavender, White, and Gold
Hadley Court

Lavender is the primary color in this study space, while gold accents add a sense of luxury. The white chairs add a complementary element and enhance the ethereal nature of lavender.

Using neutral white creates a sense of purity, giving the impression of a serene environment. The table legs and chandelier have a gold coating, evoking feelings of grandeur. Gold represents wealth and prosperity, adding a regal touch to the interior design.

2. Lavender, Cornflower Blue, and Pine Green

Lavender, Cornflower Blue, and Pine Green
Jennifer Beavers on Pinterest

The pine green console table behind the cornflower blue sofa has a rich tone, evoking earthiness. It offers a striking contrast to the delicate nature of lavender while representing vitality and rejuvenation.

In color theory, pine green is often associated with feelings of connection to the outdoors. Cornflower blue’s calmness also complements the serenity of lavender, creating a harmonious balance.

3. Lavender and Gray

Lavender and Gray

Neutrals like gray are among the colors that go with lavender. This living space’s gray walls and pillar provide a timeless backdrop to the lavender sofa. Gray is the color of subtlety and balance, providing a calming effect to this space.

Blending the two colors creates an atmosphere of relaxation, peace, and composure. Gray often makes a sophisticated and understated pairing in interior design.

4. Lavender and Sky Blue

Lavender and Sky Blue
The New York Times

Sky blue is one of the notable relaxing colors that go with lavender. Pairing sky blue with lavender creates an airy atmosphere reminiscent of clear skies.

The window trim for this kitchen is painted sky blue, promoting relaxation and mental clarity. It’s a gentle companion that pairs well with the soothing qualities of lavender. The entire kitchen space feels light, peaceful, and tranquil.

5. Lavender and Off White

Lavender and Off White

Off-white is a delightful complement to the lavender curtains and throw pillows in this living space. With its soft purple undertones, lavender gives the room a sense of serenity.

In contrast, the off-white sofa adds a touch of purity and lightness, creating a harmonious balance. Lavender fabrics pair with off-white linen to create a luxurious and inviting pairing.

6. Lavender and Maple Wood

Lavender and Maple Wood
Vogue House

Pairing lavender with maple wood exudes both refinement and natural allure. Interiors featuring maple wood are light-reflective, complement various finishes, and are easy to maintain.

Maple wood matches lavender by adding natural warmth and organic richness. The lavender walls evoke an ethereal essence that pairs with the maple wood’s subtle grain patterns. Maple wood flooring also adds an earthy tone to the home office design.

7. Lavender and Sapphire

Lavender and Sapphire
BRABBU Design Forces

The interior decor by Brabbu Design exudes an aura of refined grandeur. Sapphire, a lustrous blue hue reminiscent of precious gemstones, bestows an air of luxury upon lavender.

The lavender sofa harmonizes with sapphire’s bold and vibrant presence. Integrating sapphire into the space through wall paint creates a striking interplay of contrasts.

8. Lavender, Silver, and White

Lavender, Silver, and White
Shining on Design by Samantha Regan

Blending lavender with silver and white infuses this kitchen space with a timeless feel. Silver, with its cool metallic sheen, accentuates the entire kitchen design. The silver kitchen island stool legs create a harmonious balance of hues and textures.

Using lavender paint on the kitchen island’s cabinets complements the reflective qualities of silver and white. The white countertop and the upper kitchen cabinets create a visual interplay that exudes modernity.

9. Lavender and Egg Shell

Lavender and Egg Shell

Eggshell, a warm and subtle off-white shade, is a tranquil accent or complementary color to lavender. The lavender sofa takes center stage while adding warmth to this living space.

The subtlety of eggshell creates depth without overpowering the entire design. It’s also known for introducing a coastal vibe into an interior space.

10. Lavender and Carrot

Lavender and Carrot
House & Home

Painting your walls and doors with lavender and carrot creates a dynamic color pairing. The combination gives this space a balance between vibrancy and calmness.

Carrot injects warmth into the space, complementing the tranquility of lavender. It provides subtle bursts of color, infusing the room with a bold and refreshing touch.

11. Lavender, Yellow, and Tangerine

Lavender, Yellow, and Tangerine
Homes & Gardens

The enchanting trio brings a sense of charm and vibrancy to the living space. The lavender ceiling paint serves as the foundation for this color palette.

It creates an inviting atmosphere and sets the tone for the other decorative elements. The tangerine sofa adds a sense of energy to the space. It offers a captivating contrast when paired with the yellow armchair.

12. Lavender, Cherry, and Teal

Lavender, Cherry, and Teal
House Beautiful

Pick this color palette when looking to add personality to your interior design. The cherry seats exude energy and inject a vibrant pop that catches the eye.

Two wooden chairs are painted teal to accentuate the entire theme. The lavender ceiling dominates the space while creating a soft and serene backdrop.

13. Lavender and Pink

Lavender and Pink

Lavender and pink add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to any space. Both have gentle and tranquil qualities, making it easy to have a harmonious blend.

Pink introduces feelings of vibrancy and youthful energy to this living space. The floral elements in the armchair create focal points that give a statement-worthy look.

14. Lavender and Mustard Yellow

Lavender and Mustard Yellow
Better Homes and Gardens

Since lavender is a shade of purple, its complementary color is yellow. The textured lavender walls give the mustard-yellow leather armchairs a soft backdrop.

You’ll achieve a high contrast while using mustard yellow as an accent color. The color pairing makes this space feel contemporary and earthy.

15. Lavender, Gold, and Sassy Salmon

Lavender, Gold, and Sassy Salmon
House Beautiful

The lavender and gold combination symbolizes wealth and grandeur. Adding a sassy salmon sofa creates a dramatic effect while complementing the interior design. The warm-toned color adds a stimulating feel to the room.

This space looks more classy by showcasing gold art pieces and a coffee table. The lavender walls add visual interest in an understated yet exciting manner.

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