15 Thanksgiving Color Combinations for a Festive Home

Thanksgiving colors illuminates the traditional hues of the fall season. Thanksgiving exudes warmth and gratitude, and infuses your home with a seasonal cheer. Using Thanksgiving colors creates a color scheme that reflects its essence.

Thanksgiving Color Combinations for a Festive Home

Thanksgiving Color Ideas to Warm Your Home

Thanksgiving decor goes beyond classic palettes of beige-on-beige, reds, oranges, and yellows. Imaginative color combinations enhance your floral arrangement, table setting, and overall ambiance.

1. Terracotta and Beige

Terracotta and Beige

The neutral color palette gives this Thanksgiving table arrangement a soft, romantic vibe. Blending a beige tablecloth with terracotta napkins exudes a sense of cohesion. The centerpiece features some succulent houseplants, creating an organic, natural feel.

2. Gray and Taupe

Gray and Taupe
Einrichten Design

Gray and taupe create a subtle ambiance that captures the holiday’s essence. This Thanksgiving color palette by Clem Around The Corner begins with a gray tablecloth as its table setting.

Gray plates have a warm, earthy hue which complements the Thanksgiving arrangement. As the centerpiece, a rosemary cutting infuses the space with a touch of greenery and a sweet-scented aroma.

3. White and Amber

White and Amber

The dining table features a color palette of white and amber, evoking an inviting holiday atmosphere. A crisp white tablecloth sets the foundation for the entire Thanksgiving setting.

An amber table runner adds a touch of warmth while creating a focal point for the arrangement. The centerpiece includes two pumpkin-shaped candle holders in amber. Glass candle holders provide a soft glow, enhancing the Thanksgiving theme.

4. Brown and Hunter Green

Brown and Hunter Green

The Thanksgiving decor arrangement by Focal Point Styling mimics the season’s atmosphere. Two hunter-green table runners are the focal point for the Thanksgiving arrangement.

Pairing white with brown plates adds a touch of sophistication to the table. The white tree adds visual interest while introducing a touch of nature.

5. Rustic Black and Gold

Rustic Black and Gold
Mr. Bowl Ceramics

Rustic black and gold is an elegant color combination for a Thanksgiving table arrangement. Black symbolizes strength and stability, while gold represents abundance and luxury. The dark table cover creates a backdrop that enhances the gold accents’ richness.

6. Medallion, White, and Wine Red

Medallion, White, and Wine Red
Hadley Court

This table setting by Hadley Court mimics the traditional Thanksgiving theme. Blending medallion, white, and wine-red decor elements create a warm, festive atmosphere.

A floral houseplant in a white ceramic case serves as the centerpiece, adding a fresh, natural element. The medallion napkins add a vibrant color, while white serves as a neutral backdrop.

7. Copper and Olive Green

The copper and olive green color palette is perfect for a festive home. These Thanksgiving colors blend with the rustic brown tone of the dining table. Blending gold-plated cutlery with olive green plates adds an elegant ambiance to the Thanksgiving decor.

The light gold cutlery compliments the plates, creating a cohesive theme. Olive green napkins add a pop of color, while tropical houseplants serve as the centerpiece.

8. Black and Pumpkin Orange

Black and Pumpkin Orange

The Thanksgiving table design by Gil Walsh Interiors fits the essence of the autumn season. Black and pumpkin orange are the main colors, enhancing the festive feel. The black dining chairs introduce a modern twist to the traditional Thanksgiving setup.

Two pillar candles and pumpkin orange flowers create a focal point for the arrangement. A patterned table runner with white and orange stripes adds visual interest to the color scheme.

9. Cobalt Blue, Brown, and Deep Purple

Cobalt Blue, Brown, and Deep Purple
Elizabeth Van Lierde

Cobalt blue, brown, and deep blue are harmonious colors that suit this Thanksgiving arrangement. The metallic accents, gold-coated candle holders, flower vases, and cutlery harmonize with the color scheme.

Curated floral house plants serve as the centerpiece, accentuating the twin cobalt blue tablecloths. The deep purple napkins and black plates provide formal elegance to the Thanksgiving table.

10. Creamy White and Brown

Creamy White and Brown
Home, The Sweetest Home

The creamy white pumpkins and brown dining table balance rustic and contemporary flair. Rosemary cuttings capture the season’s essence in an organic, whimsical way.

Pumpkins and rosemary blend with the Thanksgiving season, evoking a sense of autumnal warmth.

11. Tortilla and Gray

Tortilla and Gray
John Lewis & Partners

This Thanksgiving table arrangement incorporates an inviting tortilla shade with gray elements. The dining table and carpet are in a tortilla shade. Shining silver spoons and napkins accentuate the timeless appeal of the occasion.

White and gray plates provide a neutral backdrop for the entire arrangement. Two gray table runners, with one featuring white stripes, add visual interest to the dining table.

12. White and Orange

White and Orange
Better Homes and Gardens

The contrast between the bright shades of orange and the clean, crisp white creates a festive atmosphere. The orange table runner adds a pop of color to the white tablecloth.

The decorative pumpkins are a creative centerpiece that demonstrates the beauty of autumn. Overall, this table arrangement reflects the spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving.

13. Green, Gold, and Cream White

Green, Gold, and Cream White
Dori Turner Interiors

Green, gold, and cream white infuse your Thanksgiving table arrangement with a refreshing and cheerful twist. The black and white checkered table runner adds a classic touch while providing a neutral background.

White candles create a warm ambiance and serve as the centerpiece. The decorative pumpkins represent abundance and add a traditional Thanksgiving element.

14. Rose White, Beige, and Midnight Blue

Rose White, Beige, and Midnight Blue
Table Terrain

Use rose, white, and beige as the neutrals to create an airy, thanksgiving feel. The roses are perfect accents for a festive arrangement. The midnight blue elements, such as the tablecloth and napkins, liven up the entire Thanksgiving setting.

15. Royal Blue and Light Brown

Royal Blue and Light Brown
Maison Numen

Royal Blue and light brown are cool tones that harmonize with the Thanksgiving mood. Using royal blue creates a unique emotional response associated with nobility and prestige.

The light brown palettes and placemats give this arrangement a welcoming and genuine feel. Incorporating royal blue napkins and tablecloth makes the table setting feel elegant.

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