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It’s Women’s History Month!! And as a women-owned business that runs three small businesses of our own (hello, Madelinetosh, della Q, and Jimmy Beans Wool!), we’re raising a bag and some yarn to the inspirational ladies out there that make us proud to be who we are!! Not all the women on our list are makers but if they were, these are the things we think they’d love the most!

Michelle Obama  della Q Maker’s Canvas Tote

Mrs. Obama inspires us daily! As a mother, wife, lawyer, author, former First Lady, and all-around wonderful human being, we can’t help but acknowledge that she’s a knitter too!! Her strength and versatility, endurance, and maker-loving personality make us think that if Michelle owned a della Q Maker’s bag, it would inevitably be the Tote! It’s a bag that carries it all while also remaining discreet (did you know Mrs. Obama is on Ravelry but in disguise!)! Walking down the street people would think, “cute bag!” without ever realizing she’s got a top-secret project in there! We wonder who it would be for?!?

Dawn Wells – Reno Rafter 7 in Sierra Sunrise

Known for her role as the wholesome character of Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island, it is a little-known fact that Dawn Wells was born and raised in the land of our HQ, Reno, Nevada! (She even was crowned Miss Nevada in 1959!) Of course, when thinking about what yarn she would love to squish, we immediately thought of our locally-made, Reno Rafter 7 yarn. This yarn is shorn from the Nevada-born and raised Rafter 7 breed of sheep, like Ms. Wells herself. This yarn is available in a variety of Madelinetosh hand-dyed colorways (including some exclusive to Jimmy Beans!) and we just know Dawn would find home in the shade Sierra Sunrise!

Princess Diana – TML Ceremony

Even in her passing, we still look up to the late Princess of Wales, Lady Diana Spencer. Known not only for her elegant style and grace but also for her compassion and thoughtfulness towards others which truly made her the People’s Princess. The stunning shade of Ceremony in Tosh Merino Light reminds us of her regal nature and affinity for sapphires. And we might even dub this base the “People’s Yarn” due to it being a staple in project bags for knitters and crocheters everywhere!  

Vice President Kamala Harris – della Q Standing Needle Case

Kamla Harris not only made history becoming the first woman to become the Vice President of the United States, but also the first black and Asian-American to hold the position. We couldn’t help but feel moved as we watched her take the oath of office! How special is it that girls can look up and see themselves belonging in the White House?! Super exciting! Confident and poised, like Madame Vice President herself, we think the della Q Standing Needle Case would be her first choice to keep standing tall next to her to keep her organized! 

Stephanie Beatriz –

Tosh Sock Hot Air Balloon

Did you know that when Stephanie Beatriz recorded the song “Waiting on a Miracle” for the movie Encanto, she was in labor?! Women are incredible! As a proud bisexual Latina, she is a strong activist for women, the LGBTQ+ community, and racial equality. Despite her character in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Detective Rosa Diaz, always wearing black, her Instagram feed and more recent roles as Carla in In The Heights and Maribel in Encanto has shown us how much she loves to rock colorful and bright shades! She might not be a fiber artist (that we know of!) but we think she couldn’t resist picking up a soft skein of Tosh Sock in the shade Hot Air Balloon for its colorful and vibrant flair! 

Amanda Seyfried – della Q Lotus Large Eden Pouch

Known for her roles in movies like Mamma Mia! and Dear John, Amanda Seyfried not only stuns us on screen with her acting and gorgeous voice, she is an advocate for women and mental health issues. It’s also no secret that she is a knitter! She’s often shared her stash of strands on Instagram and has been seen knitting on the go! This is why we think she would love the della Q Large Lotus Pouch in Linen Blush Flower! Soft and beautiful like her voice, this project bag makes carrying around her medium-sized projects and notions even more convenient! 

Lucille Ball – Tosh Vintage Yarn Tart

Even today you can catch us watching reruns of  “I Love Lucy” and laughing our butts off! Who cannot help but chuckle at Lucy and Ethel’s candymaker conveyer belt incident?! The iconic Lucille Ball paved the way for many female comedians! Her self-produced show was one of the first shows to center on a woman that diverted from the traditional Hollywood image of acting “ladylike”. Tosh Vintage yarn in Tart makes us think of not only the fiery hue of her hair but her fierce and ambitious personality! (She stared in over 70 movies throughout her career!!)  

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson – della Q Maker’s Saddlebag

Recently confirmed to become a justice to the Supreme Court, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson taught herself to knit when former President Obama nominated her to the U.S. Sentencing Commission. She used knitting to conquer her nerves during the confirmation process and then again when she was elected to become district judge. During her confirmation hearing, former Republican House Speaker, Paul Ryan, praised her for her intellect, character, and integrity. This is why we can envision her carrying a beautifully noble della Q Maker’s Canvas Saddlebag to bring her latest WIPs to court! The refined exterior of this bag features waxed canvas and genuine leather which will beautifully marble over the time of her lifetime appointment! 

Taylor Swift – Folklore Cardigan Kit

It’s Taylor’s Version only for us around here! Taylor Swift has had us enchanted for over a decade with the incredible stories she paints with her lyrics. That’s why it has been so fun cheering on Taylor for her venture of taking ownership of the masters of her music by rerecording her old albums! To celebrate her incredible journey as an artist, we of course have to give a nod to one of our favorite Taylor eras with the Folklore Cardigan Kit from Madelinetosh. While she does have her own line of cardigans, we think she would love how the ultra-soft strands of Tosh DK give an added layer of warmth and coziness! (She might even put it on and say it’s her favorite!)

Lorde – della Q Oh Snap in Black Rainbow

In 2013, the 16-years-old singer-songwriter, Lorde, topped the charts with her hit song “Royals” and since her breakout into stardom, the New Zeland artist has become a positive role model for young women around the world! As a knitter herself, we think Lorde would find ease in carrying her projects in one of our della Q Oh Snap bags. Specifically, we can see her styling with the Black Rainbow print because it gives a little angst like her older songs with a colorful hint of bright optimism like her newer music. 

Sandra Oh – Madelinetosh Farm Twist Blood Runs Cold

From Grey’s Anatomy to Killing Eve, we are hooked on anything we see Sandra Oh in! As the first woman of Asian descent to win multiple Golden Globes and be nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Leading Actress in a Drama Series, she is an inspiration for many. The Madelinetosh shade of Blood Runs Cold is reminiscent of Christina Yang’s love of heart surgery and on theme for her recent role as Ming in Pixar’s Turning Red! Twisted like the plot of Killing Eve we think she would love the stitch definition of the Farm Twist base!

Mindy Kaling – della Q Mesh + Zip

We first fell in love with Mindy Kaling as the sassy and confident Kelly Kapoor on The Office and now we can’t stop watching (and cracking up at) the shows she has created and produced since! While she may not be a knitter, she does like to find sustainable crafts to do that match her fun and vibrant aesthetic. In an interview with Apartment Therapy, she talked about how she was working on a quilt made out of fabric from clothes she cleaned out from her closet! Not just for knitters and crocheters, all makers can find use in della Q bags to keep their projects organized! This is why we think the della Q Mesh + Zip bag in Linen Coral would be perfect for her to keep her makes in order but still be able to see through the mesh side to see what project is in which bag!

Sarah Paulson – della Q Maker’s Canvas Backpack

Anytime Sarah Paulson graces the screen with her presence, we cannot help but be captivated by her performances! From her various roles on American Horror Story to playing the lead prosecutor in the People vs. O.J. Simpson, she always brings us into the story with her acting. We also love her polished and elegant style with a little bit of edge; which is why we could see her going for a della Q Maker’s Canvas Backpack! This classic and convenient rucksack is made out of our sturdy waxed canvas and features lots of pockets, making it perfect for her to carry everything she needs to set! 

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