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Do I consider myself a minimalist? I’ve been asked this question a lot lately, especially after sharing my latest vlog. The answer to this question is No. BUT! At the same time I don’t like to accumulate stuff. I feel my best in an environment with some emptiness. Am I a minimalist?It’s even challenging for me to think clearly when I am in a busy environment. The abundance of belongings and visual clutter significantly impacts my inner peace, and it has been this way for as long as I can remember myself.

For me, opening a drawer and finding it crammed with disorganized items is an added stress. Am I a minimalist?

This is why my wardrobe is never full to the brim, and neither is any drawer in our house. An empty space in a drawer brings me immense satisfaction and some peace of mind.

Of course I enjoy buying new things, especially for our home, but I am the toughest curator. I don’t bring something home unless I know it has a space to live in without adding unnecessary stress. It works the same when it comes to my studio and my CrochetObjet knitting journey.Am I a minimalistThis might sound a bit odd and unconventional, especially if you’re a knitter. However, my studio space mirrors that affection for visual calmness. It’s not just within the studio; it also influences how I choose new projects or advise my weekly knitters on choosing new projects.

It’s not always simple to maintain visual tranquility because the temptation to get something new is ever-present. it’s so easy and accessible to bring new items into our lives which will turn into a new visual clutter. However, I always find joy in passing on items that no longer serve me or my family. being a minimalistClearing and decluttering belongings is part of a lifestyle that aligns with what serves me and my family I a minimalistHow about you? Do you also enjoy decluttering items from time to time, or do you consider yourself more of a collector, someone who prefers to preserve and keep belongings?

After this video was posted, many of you asked if I am a minimalist. I hope this post answered your question and maybe even inspired some of you to declutter unnecessary belongings. I hope that through the videos I share, you’ll see how much simpler life can be with less, xxMo


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