17 Stylish Walk-In Closet Ideas

Whether large or small, a well-organized walk-in closet makes getting ready in the morning quicker and putting clothes way easier. Just like home design, there are many takes on closet design.

Stylish Walk-In Closet Ideas

Use these 17 walk-in closet ideas to inspire your own organization.

1. A Doorless Walk-In Closet

Stylish Walk-In Closet Ideas

Created by McClean Design, this walk-in closet skips closet doors, making the view accessible from the bathroom. When your closet is this tidy, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it on display. Plus, the doorless entry may present the motivation to keep clothes off the floor.

2. Wood Paneled Walk-In Closet

Stylish Walk-In Closet Ideas

For this home in California, McClean Design chose a more open and airy look. The walk-in closet features wood paneling, wood drawers, and wood floors. The design is modern and sleek. 

3. Small, All-Black Walk In Closet Idea

Stylish Walk-In Closet Ideas

Designed by Cecconi Simone Inc., this small walk-in closet is well-organized with an all-black design for cohesion. The black drawers, trim, and shelves give the closet a high-end look, especially next to the bathroom marble.

4. A Walk-In Closet with Racks on Top, Drawers on Bottom

Stylish Walk-In Closet Ideas

To make a walk-in closet look larger, choose a symmetrical design. These homeowners stuck with clothing racks on top and drawers on the bottom for a classic and functional aesthetic.

5. Add Lots of Light for a Cheery Closet

Stylish Walk-In Closet Ideas

Lighting is important in the design of a walk-in closet, especially since most lack windows. Central De Arquitectura illuminated this closet with abundant overhead light, giving the space a natural and cheery look. Wood and stone finishes add an earthy feel to the space.

6. Install a Chandelier 

Stylish Walk-In Closet Ideas

An interesting strategy to add elegance and light is to install a chandelier. The neutral color palette, glass shelves, and light wood flooring create a modern and clean walk-in closet.

7. Mix Black and Wood for a Masculine Walk-In Closet

Stylish Walk-In Closet Ideas

No need to limit yourself to drawers and shelves – if you have the space add a vanity too. Even with a vanity, this closet has a masculine, traditional vibe thanks to the dark flooring and woodwork. KB Design even coordinated the bench cushion to the floor.

8. Walk-In Closet Idea with a Minimalist Aesthetic

Stylish Walk-In Closet Ideas

When designing this residence in São Paulo, Studio Guilherme Torres maintained a minimalist approach. The white and black finishes are clean, while the window lets natural light filter in. The doors covering the clothes keep the minimal aesthetic in this walk-in closet.

9. Use Mirrors to Make a Small Closet Feel BiggerStylish Walk-In Closet Ideas

A large mirror is practical and style-conscious. Artistic Designs for Living used the mirror to give the illusion of space in this small walk-in closet. The earthy materials mix together for a natural look.

10. Long, Narrow Walk-In Closet

Stylish Walk-In Closet Ideas

Designed by Studio 1408 for an apartment in Bucharest, Romania, this walk-in closet maximizes the length of the wall. The dark, deep colors create a sophisticated space. The racks and drawers make clothing organization a breeze.

11. A High-End, High-Rise Walk In Closet

Stylish Walk-In Closet Ideas

Designed by Ando Studio, this high-end walk-in closet features glass doors with black trim and light-colored drawers and shelves. While spacious, the designer took advantage of every square inch, creating a luxurious high-rise closet with abundant natural light.

12. Giant Walk-In Closet/Bathroom Combo

Stylish Walk-In Closet Ideas

There are many impressive things about this residence in Beverly Hills, LA, including this walk-in closet-bathroom combo. This hybrid space features two distinct zones linked into a single open area. The furniture and fixtures are sophisticated, giving the room a refined look.

13. Eclectic Walk-In Closet IdeaStylish Walk-In Closet Ideas

The designers of this walk-in closet aren’t afraid to take risks. The massive moose wall art and chevron rug compete for attention while the clothing and shoes are neatly put away. 

14. Dark and Moody Closet

Stylish Walk-In Closet Ideas

Taipei Base Design Center chose monochromatic black for this flat in Taiwan. The dark color scheme provides a relaxing atmosphere and a high-end look. Black rooms are on the rise, so if you want a trendy closet idea, try a look similar to this.

15. A Closet with a Focal Point

Stylish Walk-In Closet Ideas

The chandelier is the focal point of this walk-in closet. Its intricate and sculptural design draws the eye, and little attention is paid elsewhere.  De Brouwer Binnenwerk designed this room, incorporating shelves, racks, and drawers for plenty of storage.

16. Attic Space Turned Into a Walk-In Closet

Stylish Walk-In Closet Ideas

There’s not much you can do with an attic space, especially one with a slanted roof. TG-STUDIO chose to turn this London attic into a walk-in closet space. It’s a practical idea and good use of a difficult layout.

17. A Closet with Two Island Dressers

Stylish Walk-In Closet Ideas

Large spaces are ideal for an island or two to house extra clothing. Consider having open shelves and clothing rods along the walls and a drawer unit at the center for small accessories.

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