14 Crochet Patterns to Wear

Casual Crochet Tops
Casual Crochet Tops

Casual Tops to Wear

An avid knitter once said to me, when you love your hobby, you find a way to wear it. For myself, most designs are meant for women, so I don’t have the luxury of everything under the sun to wear. Am I envious… just a tad!

On the Crochet Cruises, we have crocheters that come with tops made to accessorize their wardrobe. Living the passion I would call it. I really enjoy seeing the crocheters who really push themselves to wear their garments with pride. In our group, they get a lot of compliments too.

For those on the cruise, here are some suggestions.

  1. Tank Top as Seen in Main Photo – It uses Bernat Maker Fashion but Bernat Maker Home Dec is same yarn.
  2. Beach Cover Up – Tutorial included.
  3. Floral Cami Top – Tutorial included.
  4. Hugs & Kisses Tunic – Textured fun wear.
  5. Stunning Beach Cover Up – Absolutely gorgeous.
  6. Draw String Beach Skirt – Stylish
  7. Beach Glass Crochet Necklace – So cool!
  8. Barefoot Sandals – Just for the fun of it.
  9. Beach Glass Clutch – For the gal on the go!
  10. Beach Breeze Wraps – Full body cover up.
  11. Bermuda Beach Summer Cover Up – Gorgeous design.
  12. Cotton Summer Top – Easy to make design + Tutorial.
  13. Colour Block Top – Easy boxy design + Tutorial.
  14. Mesh Upper Top – Easy to follow mesh + Tutorial.

Crochet To Crochet with Wire & Beads

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