13 Crochet Back to School Fun Finds Online

Crochet Pencil Case
Crochet Pencil Case by Repeat Crafter Me

Back to School

For some kids, going back to school is a dreaded time of year… for some parents, they kick up their heels and wish them off to school with a big smile! 🙂 You catch my drift!

Hey everyone, it’s Laura Jean and I wanted to share with you my experience as a child.

Image if you will… a young tomboyish girl. Time frame is late sixties early seventies.  On a farm, 22 miles from school, what felt like somewhere out near the middle of nowhere. Home is where my story begins:

The anticipation building with each day since the local newspaper would come out announcing the first day of school, the sales, the specials. It all meant that summer was ending and a whole new door was opening up!

It would start with school shopping, in a distant town, which perhaps we might run into someone that would give us the scoop on all that happened over the summer. Who moved, who stayed and maybe a new friend to add to our small class of 15 to 18 students.

It was an exciting time of the year opening the door to the changing of the seasons and a rapid succession of holidays!
To get you started on some fun things to crochet for your own or a teacher’s gift I have put together this list.

Pencil Toppers

  1. Pencil Flowers  Great pencil topper!

Pencil Cases

  1. Grin and Bear It pencil case
  2. Crochet Pencil Pouch  really does look like a pencil
  3. Alligator Pencil Case

Book Marks

  1. Sweet Rose  try your hand at filet crochet with this lovely bookmark.
  2. Fan Bookmark that  looks like Queen Anne’s Lace
  3. Book Rat Bookmark or Mouse Bookmark
  4. Bernat Pom Pom  a fun pattern that is marked beginner


  1. Busy Bee Back Pack  what a honey of a back pack!
  2. Frog Back Pack  boys would love this one.
  3. Caron Little Girl Back Pack
  4. ‘My Stuff” Drawstring Bag

Hopefully you enjoyed my mini round up of fun finds online.

Happy Hook’n everyone! See you on Facebook!

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