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Part of the process for carrying and stocking yarn (besides the squish factor, of course) comes from a place where the story matters. Here at JBW, we love a good story, and Woolfolk is definitely no exception to this rule.

Kristin Ford, the mastermind behind the yarn and company of Woolfolk was taught to knit by her grandmother, who is also the namesake of the brand (yeah, her last name was Woolfolk – how cool is that!?)!

From humble beginnings consisting of 2 bases in 12 colors each, they’ve now grown to an incredible 9 bases with 28 colors available (5 of which we carry: Far, Luft, Sno, Stra, and Tynd)!

Specializing in moody neutrals, Woolfolk takes care of their color and their sheep, using sustainable practices and innovative efforts to produce the very best wool possible while being land stewards of the Patagonia Grasslands!

What about Ovis 21? What’s the big deal about this wool?

Well, the sheep that produce this wool are a part of the Savory Institute’s Land to Market program.

The Savory Institute is a global network that seeks to reverse desertification and fight climate change. Ovis 21 seeks to help in this endeavor by promoting land regeneration through livestock!

By working with the sheep, who effectively turn pastures into “Carbon Pumps“, they sequester tons of atmospheric C02, which works toward reducing their carbon footprint and countering global warming!Β 

The link between animal, soil, and pastures has been key in understanding this process, and Woolfolk has made it their mission to take care of the land and sheep to produce a product that is not detrimental, but in fact, instrumental, to a healthy world and healthy business.Β 

Taking this idea and putting it to good use, Woolfolk has tailored their brand to be one that is inspirational and cozy, putting together mood boards for their collections. Below, we’ve highlighted some of their selection, which has produced breathtaking colorways that are both traditional and modern all at the same time! Even just staring at the effort and work that goes into the mood boards, we feel inspired, with nostalgic vibes being front and center. When we think of the words: minimal, clean, practical, and timeless, you can bet we immediately think of our friends over at Woolfolk!

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