What is a Mobile Home Park?

A mobile home park is a business that rents out small tracts of land with electric and plumbing hookups for mobile homes. Residents pay a monthly fee to lease the land and access the public utilities.

Mobile Home Park

Some mobile home parks contain hundreds of homes and provide amenities like gated security, recreational centers, swimming pools, playgrounds, and garden areas, while others offer no extra amenities.

Trailer Park vs. Mobile Home Park: Is There a Difference?

A trailer park is the same thing as a mobile home park. A trailer is another word for a mobile home, although it’s most often used to describe single-wide mobile homes. 

Types of Mobile Home Parks

Mobile home parks range from rough and tumble to luxurious, depending on the location. Individuals or real estate investing companies own most mobile home parks, but there are some government-run options. 

Here are the main types of mobile home parks.

  • Senior/Age Restricted Mobile Home Parks – These only allow residents 55 years or older and often contain recreation centers and a quiet, peaceful atmosphere.
  • Family Mobile Home Parks – There are no age restrictions, and these parks are appropriate for families of all sizes. 
  • Resident-Owned Mobile Home Parks – In resident-owned mobile home parks, residents own their mobile home and the piece of land it sits on. These parks often feature a governing HOA, but overall, residents have control over what they do with their land.

The Benefits of Living in a Mobile Home Park

Mobile home park living has an unfair stigma. The truth is, as long as you find a secure area, there are many perks.

Low Cost of Rent

The average cost to rent a lot in a mobile home park is about $300. But, of course, this number varies by location and will be higher in more desirable areas.

If you’re considering living in a mobile home park, check on lot prices and if utilities are included. A low lot rent, mobile home cost, and no property taxes can lead to significant savings. 


With many close neighbors, you can develop a sense of community in a mobile home park. Since homes are in close proximity, you’ll have many opportunities to meet new people.


Many mobile home parks offer valuable amenities like laundry areas, swimming pools, garden areas, recreation centers, and playgrounds. 

Low Maintenance

Maintenance will differ from park to park. Some will cut your grass while others will leave each tenet to care for their lot. Still, all you have to worry about is your tract of land, and the park owner will take care of common areas.

The Cons of Living in a Mobile Home Park

If you find a good mobile home park, the pros and aplenty, but there are some cons to watch out for too.

Lack of Privacy

If you’re a private person, you may find mobile home park living difficult. Since homes are close, there’s a high chance of running into the same people over and over. You may also lack outdoor privacy in your own yard, with neighbors able to see what you’re doing.


Each mobile home park will have its own set of regulations. These regulations can limit or prohibit pets, set standards for the looks of your mobile home, prohibit particular lawn decor, and dictate noise levels. 

Limited Space

If you’re used to having a large garden or outdoor play area for your kid, the limited space of a mobile home park lot is a definite con. Most lots have enough room for an outdoor grill and table, but you may have to do some deeper searching and pay a higher rate for a large lot.

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