What Colors Go With Mint Green?

Colors that go with mint green brighten up an interior space. Mint green has a calm atmosphere and pairs with other hues to create a harmonious color scheme.

Mint Green

Discover the Perfect Colors that Harmonize with Mint Green

Colors that pair with mint green enhance its allure, making a space feel captivating and visually pleasing.

1. Mint Green and White

Mint Green and White
IMAGE interiors

Mint green pairs with white in a whimsical way, offering a striking contrast. White often represents purity, peace, and new beginnings.

It reflects light and gives the interior setting an airy atmosphere. In contrast, the mint green sofa gives the living space a sense of calm and tranquility.

2. Mint Green and Orange

Mint Green and Orange
sfgirlbybay / victoria smith

For a pop of color, consider pairing mint green with orange. The coffee nook has orange chairs which complement the mint green wall. Using orange in moderation helps not to overpower the mint green’s visual effect.

3. Mint Green and Yellow

Mint Green and Yellow

RoomDsign incorporated mint green and yellow to make the living space feel eclectic. Yellow is the accent color, enhancing the color scheme to make it less monochromatic. The color combination infuses a tropical nature into the interior design.

4. Mint Green and Black

Mint Green and Black
Apartment Therapy

Mint green and black creates a high-contrast color scheme for the kitchen cabinets. The checked black and white floor tiles enhance mint green’s vibrancy.

Pairing mint green with black achieves a balance between light and dark. Black tends to evoke a retro vibe that complements mint green’s elegance.

5. Mint Green and Sky Blue

Mint Green and Sky Blue
Emily C. Butler

The two armchairs feature a sky blue material which is an analogous color to mint green. Both are cool colors that create a calming, refreshing atmosphere in the room.

The color combination is harmonious and pleasing to the eye. Beige balances the pairing to make it feel more comfortable and exciting.

6. Mint Green and Gray

Mint Green and Gray

The interior setting by Architecture Art Designs features a pairing that evokes a calm and relaxing mood. Using a gray headboard creates a sense of neutrality, making the color scheme feel subtle. In this bedroom design, mint green is the dominant color, making the space more inviting.

7. Mint Green and Purple

Mint Green and Purple

The purple sofa adds a sense of luxury and mystery to the living space. Due to their contrasting nature, mint green and purple offer a bold, dramatic effect.

The mint green walls serve as the focal point, while purple is the accent color to the interior design. Neutral elements, such as the tall lamp stand and white carpet, create balance in the space.

8. Mint Green and Coral

Mint Green and Coral
CM Natural Designs

Coral accents add a playful touch to mint green’s calm and soothing tone. CM Natural Design used this color combination to reflect the homeowners’ vibrant personalities while incorporating a beach-inspired theme.

To enhance the beach-inspired theme further, add natural elements and textures. For example, light-colored wooden furniture or rattan pieces add warmth and an organic feel.

9. Mint Green and Gold

Mint Green and Gold

The 88 Secrets Collection by Nika Zupanc exudes timeless elegance. Gold is often associated with luxury and wealth, bringing a touch of glamor to the room.

While mint green and gold form sharp contrast, they can work together when used more subtly and balanced.

10. Mint Green and Turquoise

Mint Green and Turquoise
Digs Design Company

Mint green and turquoise accents add color to this white-themed design. The large windows allow ample natural light to pour in, making the colors vibrant and lively. The white background creates a bright, airy feel, evoking a sense of openness and tranquility.

11. Mint Green and Peach

Mint Green and Peach
Rukmini Patel

Mint green and peach is a delightful color combination if you are aiming for a pastel or soft aesthetic. These colors work well together as they belong to the pastel color family.

Rukmini Patel used gray as a neutral break between the contrasting colors. It acts as a bridge between mint green and peach, preventing the colors from overpowering each other.

12. Mint Green and Olive Green

Mint Green and Olive Green

Mint green and olive green combine harmoniously, forming a monochromatic color pairing. The pale, mint green background makes the olive green sofa stand out, creating the focal point.

Artwork is a great way to inject vibrancy and energy into the space. The yellow and lilac elements add visual interest and complement the mint color scheme. This monochromatic oasis is brought to life with the addition of potted plants.

13. Mint Green and Dark Maple

Mint Green and Dark Maple
Studio McGee

This bathroom design by Studio McGee features mint green siding, evoking the image of minty snow-covered landscapes. Other winter-inspired elements, such as cool whites, help create a refreshing and clean aesthetic.

Dark maple contrasts the mint green, showcasing its rich, dark brown hue. The wood’s natural grain and texture bring a sense of warmth and organic beauty to the space.

14. Mint Green and Wood Tones

Mint Green and Wood Tones
mathis-ewing architecture

Combining mint green with earthy tones creates a color palette that exudes warmth. The fresh and lively nature of mint green adds a refreshing twist to the design.

Decorative elements like ceramic vases, candle holders, and vintage artwork enhance the traditional ambiance. Consider using curtains or drapes with traditional motifs, such as damask or floral designs, for depth and richness.

15. Mint Green, White, and Amber

Mint Green, White, and Amber
Jessica De Kler

Combining modern, rustic, and farmhouse elements gives this kitchen an eclectic look. Designer Jessica De Kler finds comfort in spaces that merge contemporary versatility with the allure of historical character.

Experiment with different combinations to create the desired atmosphere, whether fresh, modern, warm, cozy, or timeless and elegant.

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