Updates On The Looming UPS Strike

We know with the looming UPS strike that you may be worried about your upcoming shipments, but rest assured! We’re putting plans in place to ensure that the impact you feel is minimal 😊.

The good news!! The majority of our outbound shipments (those are the ones to you!) are primarily shipped through USPS, so internally, our shipping process won’t change much! As a precautionary measure, though, we’ll be temporarily turning off the ability to ship through UPS on our website starting July 25th. This will ensure that no packages in route will be affected if things do shut down on August 1st.

The not-as-good news! The majority of our inbound shipments (those are the goodies that fill up our shelves!) are shipped through UPS, which means we’re working with each of our individual vendors now to be sure they have alternative shipping plans. Our goal is to maintain healthy inventory levels so that we can continue to get you the goodies you need!

Lastly, while we don’t expect much to change in how we operate day to day, we do know that the other carriers, USPS and FedEx, will undoubtedly experience a surge in shipping. We ask for your patience, should this strike go through, as packages that normally take just a few days to get to you could take a little bit longer.

If you have any questions or need any help, we’re always here to assist you!

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Written by Murat

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