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These made my week and I’m grateful for each, Let’s take it day by day… For the first one we will have to go back a day.


On Saturday we visited my cousin’s farm in the south. When we were about to go home a huge pile of Pumpkins was placed on the grass so we can pick a few on our way out. When we came back home I unpacked the bags and pumpkins. The minute I picked them up on the farm I knew where they were going to be placed. This ceramic jar used to be filled with seasonal fruits and vegetables for years, back in my parents home. This ceramic jar can tell many stories about my childhood. About my ‘homemaker mom’. She always filled this jar with whatever was in season and it was always colourful and bright. When she passed away my father gave this dip blue ceramic jar to me. So I keep the homemaking story going, my way. When I woke up on Sunday morning this pumpkin pile in my mom’s jar was smiling at me, I smiled back at her.


These made my weekOn Monday morning I picked a few fresh Iceberg Roses from our balcony garden before the Monday girls came. They ended up placed next to the tea pot and snakes but at the beginning I placed them here on the table next to my Chamomile bouquet.These made my weekOur Mondays table was HAPPY busy and very chatty and there were quite a few knitting and crochet project on the table. These two ‘coziest memory blankets’ WIP’s made my day. In this video I share more details about this knitted squares blanket. chunky benjiWe had Chunky Benji on the table and here we were placing the eyes and he suddenly became SO human.made my weekI couldn’t throw away the falling rose petals so I placed them on this pretty mini plate and couldn’t skip taking a picture of it.


These made my weekOn Tuesday, I made a Chard, mushroom, and cheese pastry without any flour, replacing it with 2 tablespoons of psyllium. I garnished it with fresh basil leaves from our garden and topped it off with creamy goat feta cheese. made my weekI placed parchment paper on my cast iron pan and baked it in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for approximately 40 minutes. The result was absolutely delicious! I got heart melting compliments that made my week, for this number.

Tuesday knit night

These made my weekOn Tuesday evening we had our weekly knit night club. Usually we start at 6pm and on summer days we enjoy natural daylight until about 7pm which is a bliss. After that we have to turn on the artificial lights (UgH). I guess you’ll see the difference in the next pictures.
these made my weekWe’re playing around with a few crochet summer hats. These are made out of my Granny Kit cotton. These made my week these made my weekkeep shinin socksWe had a few shawls and socks WIP’s but these Keep Shinin socks, that Sarah made without the Crochet bobbles, these made my week!


Oh my Oh my, Wednesday was the sorting out all the things kinda day. I was SO busy finishing up my new rafia bag pattern which I can’t wait to share with you. Not just that I FINALY sorted out the handle design, but I also wrote it down in the pattern. I added photos to go along with the pattern. AND I also filmed a video tutorial. This still needs to be edited before uploaded to my YouTube channel. I felt SO on top of the things that morning. It made my week!

These made my week


made my weekOn Thursday I recorded, edited and uploaded a new episode to my YouTube channel in which I share a WIP’s update and answer your questions.

I hope you’ll watch and enjoy my new episode. If you have any question regarding any of the works in progress I shared please leave me a comment in the comment section down below the video. I’ll do my best to answer your question asap.


socks knitting

This morning I had the loveliest Friday group from 10 am until about 12:30. For one of the knitters it was the 3rd socks knitting class and today she learned the gusset pick up and gusset decreases. She’s in love and I can totally relate because I remember I felt the same when I just started my sock knitting journey.

these made my week these made my weekOn the top picture there are two bags. One is made out of cotton 2 strands of my Granny Kit cotton held together. The other one is my new rafia bag pattern which I hope to publish soon. Can you see it’s the same construction/ principle? We also had a new Benji the bear WIP on the table this morning.these made my week

After the girls left my sourdough starter was ready so I made a dough that I plan to back tomorrow.

These made my week and I’m grateful for each.made my weekI took ten billion pictures of my mom’s ceramic jar filled with these colorful pumpkins. I could feel her with us for the entire week, in our homely home.made my weekNow it’s time to wind down a little and slowly move into the weekend. It’s Eyal’s birthday tomorrow and we have booked a table in a nice local restaurant for dinner today. It’s not far from the beach so we plan to have a nice beach walk after dinner. Meanwhile I’ll be spending some time here with my coziest memory blanket. I wish you all a lovely weekend, xxMo

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