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This week I met the KnitNite girls on Friday morning. It’s not very easy for us to meet in the evening hours during these war days in Israel. Therefore the Tuesday evening Knit nights moved to either Thursday or Friday morning. We decide on it as the week goes by and make the plan according to the new war routine. 

The Friday morning KnitNite The Friday morning KnitNite Friday morning with my KnitNite girlsThis week we had a Friday morning KnitNite which was like a little light or even therapy for us all.The Friday morning KnitNite

The Friday morning KnitNite

Obviously, as you can imagine it’s not the usual talk around the table. In some moments the joyful making mixed with tears. Many of us are volunteering these days and the stories shared are too hard for the heart. We feel lucky to have our hands busy with knitting these days. SO lucky. Friday morning Friday morning Knitnite

Actually the Friday morning KnitNite girls just left a few minutes ago. After they left, I washed all the tea and coffee cups and placed everything in the studio back to its place. While tidying up the room I realized my heart is full of positive uplifting feelings. This feeling is SO rare and uncommon for us these days. But yes, bed feelings and anxiety were replaced with some good feelings, even if only for moments. Now that our world turned upside down these knitting clubs are even more meaningful. 

YouTube updateA new life update is now live on YouTube. It’s mainly about managing the constant horrifying news but I also shared my makings. They keep me sane and help me manage the constant stress.

I will never be the same person as I was before October 7th. We will all never be the same. I want to thank you for adding your love into my Bono Bunny charity pattern idea. There are more details about on YouTube. Please watch my new episode and please like, share and subscribe, it can help a lot. xxMo 

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