Teddy’s Busy Day (+ yarn review!)

Hi everyone!

It has been a truly epic summer here in Australia, and I must admit I’m glad to be tumbling into February. Both Kiah and I ended up in hospital for several before Christmas with unrelated illnesses, the heat and humidity has been oppressive, the country has burned down and now there’s floods. I think it’s nearly time for a break!

So today I’ve put together something a bit fun for you, to show off Stylecraft’s gorgeous new Regatta yarn. It’s 74% cotton plus polyamide and elastane, which makes the yarn super bouncy. It still doesn’t stretch lengthways like acrylic, but springs out sideways. I don’t usually like making toys with cotton because the yarn gets “stringy” and the holes in the fabric get bigger and bigger, but with this yarn the sideways spring makes it look amazing. Check out the stitch definition, and these gorgeous colours!Β 

I used the Crew colourway, and Anne’s adorable Cross Your Heart Teddy pattern. Allie has already claimed it, and loves cuddling Teddy and tucking him into bed .Β 

Stylecraft sent me this yarn to try out, but the opinions in this blogpost are my own and I am under no obligation to say nice things.Β 




Teddy rolled over and cracked open his eyes – it was 6am, time to start another day. He stumbled to the shower to wake himself up a bit.Β 

The shower wasn’t quite enough, so he had to have a really strong coffee as well.

After coffee he felt a bit better, and so before work he had a play on the slide.

At work, Teddy had LOTS of drawing to do.

He also had to do reading, but that was ok – Teddy likes reading.Β 

Fortunately, then it was time for lunch!

After lunch, Teddy had to go to lots of meetings. Luckily there was cake at one of them, otherwise he didn’t know how he would have coped.

Finally it was time to go home. On his way, Teddy stopped off at the gym to do his exercises. He was a bit optimistic about the weights but is very squishy so it wasn’t a big problem.

Once he got home, Teddy popped out to the garden for a quick game of hide and seek (and to pull out the weeds of course).

Teddy had such a busy day! It was time for him to go to bed. Night night Teddy!Β 

See you in the morning!

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