Rainbow Crochet Prism Effect Pattern Ideas

A crochet prism effect is a great way to replicate one of nature’s most stunning phenomena. The subtle game of color changes, vibrant hues and creative crochet techniques all mixed up together in wonderful free patterns. That’s an effect of the great rainbow crochet design!

From a blanket, to the everyday pullover, the crochet prism effect can be used in many different projects. It looks great on a granny square created with differently colored yarns. It’s amazing when crafted with multicolor rainbow yarn using any stitch you really like. One thing is sure, the crochet prism will bring you joy and will brighten up your day!

Quarter Square Triangles Blanket

Surprising as the prism effect itself, this beginner crochet blanket design by Yarnspirations it’s worth the hustle. It is constructed with four parts that are joined into one square blanket. Each piece can be worked a little bit differently, with divergent prism color selections. Even a color block will work, as long as you match the yarn weights. 

  • DESIGNED by Red Heart Design Team
  • PROJECT TYPE blanket
  • CRAFT crochet
  • SKILL LEVEL beginner

Photos Red Heart Design Team /

Find original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.

Rainbow Burst Stool Cover

A crochet prism effect is the one that’s perfect for a household with kids. What a great idea to make a colorful, rainbow-like crochet stool cover to protect the beautiful furniture. The pattern by Sandi Rosner comes with a practical down string edge. This way the crochet cover won’t slip off the item. Choose easily washable yarn for easy maintenance, the best would be an artificial fiber yarn.

  • DESIGNED by Sandi Rosner
  • PROJECT TYPE stool cover
  • CRAFT crochet
  • SKILL LEVEL beginner

Photos Sandi Rosner /

Find original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.

Rainbow Rug

Every kid’s room needs fun and colorful additions. Why not crochet prism effect in the form of a rainbow rug? The Hobbii Design pattern is beginner friendly, so it won’t take too much of precious parent time to make it. Not only the shape but also the colors replicates nature’s wonder that the rainbow is. Feel free to swap the colors to match the interior design.

  • DESIGNED by Hobbii Design
  • CRAFT crochet
  • SKILL LEVEL beginner

Photos Hobbii Design /

Find original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.

Thumbless Baby Mittens

Rainbow gloves are great to add some color to the infant’s look. These baby mittens are designed without thumbs to protect the little cutie’s skin in the softest way. Christine BArtkowski has designed those to be very easy to craft and to modify into bigger sizes. The crochet prism effect is attained by simply using the multicolored yarn of worsted weight.

  • DESIGNED by Christine Bartkowski
  • PROJECT TYPE mittens
  • CRAFT crochet
  • SKILL LEVEL beginner

Photos Christine Bartkowski /

Find original free pattern on Ravelry.

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