Quick & Easy Crochet Bucket Hat Tutorial

Hello!! Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how to crochet a simple bucket hat! This pattern can be adjusted to fit any size and be easily customized. This is a perfect beginner’s first project because it utilizes the most basic stitches and concepts. This pattern does require a magic circle (MC), but you can substitute that by chaining 4 and slip stitching to the first chain. This hat uses mainly the double crochet (dc), sometimes in the back loop only (BLO) or front loop only (FLO), and slip stitches (sl st) to join each round. The yarn that I used was size 4 acrylic (~150 yds), but many different yarn types are suitable for this pattern! I also used a 5 mm hook and a yarn needle.

Written by murat

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EASY bucket hat crochet tutorial