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As we make our way through Jimmy’s 2023 Clubs, we are so excited to introduce you to the newest Bean on our team: Aimée Hansen! Aimée is our new Community Clubs Manager and she is here to help with all your maker needs!
Our new Bean is most active in the Jimmy’s 2023 Club Member Facebook Group and our Clubs Groups on Ravelry where she is assisting our community of crafters with everything from gauge questions to pattern support. Aimée has experience designing and writing patterns so her goal is to make your experience in Jimmy’s Clubs as smooth as possible!

We got to know our newest member of Team Beans a little more!

How long have you been knitting and crocheting?

Crochet has been my primary stitch language for 23 years and then I picked up knitting about 10 years ago (because the urge to knit socks was strong!!). I love fiddling with stitches to see what they can do, which led me to designing my own patterns over the last 9 years. After working with a few design friends, they encouraged me to start tech editing. To date, I’ve edited a few hundred patterns, both crochet and knit, which has led to a VERY deep ‘to stitch’ queue!!

Why do you love the fiber industry/community?

Inspiration abounds through the fiber industry and that gets me excited to learn different techniques and make new projects. But the members of the fiber community are who spark that drive in me to make ALL the things!! I am always in such awe of everyone’s beautiful projects and how, along the way, people are eager to help one another to get a project from cast on to bind off.

What’s a maker tip you’ve heard that’s been a lifesaver for you?

One of my FAVORITE tips came from Louis Boria who a while back talked about using jumbo knitting needles when blocking cowls. When laying out the cowl, slip the needles through the center and move to each side so there will be no creases once it dries. NO CREASES!! It’s amazing!!

Which Just At Jimmy’s Clubs have you participated in?

Last year, I participated in the Accessory Club and LOVED everything from the quick projects that were included with fabulous yarns to the fun notions, many that have become regulars in my notions pouch. This year, I’ve been working the knit pattern in the Shawl Club because I could not pass up the La Bien Aimée. I’ve also gotten Fright Club the past 2 years but I still need to work up last year’s project (I’m saving it for a weekend where I don’t have much to do except knit and chill!!).

What are your go-to hooks and needles?

I am head over heels for Clover Amour hooks. The grip is great and the head of the hook is my preferred shape for speedy, comfortable stitching.
For knitting, I have two favorites. My go-to circs are ChiaGoo TWIST Red Lace Interchangeables, and I will fully admit that for some sizes, I have multiple tips!! For DPN’s, Addi FlexiFlips are my BFF. I’m not sure how but for socks, my tension is much more consistent on DPN’s, and the FlexiFlips have my stitches working up lickety split!

Who are some of your favorite designers?

Some of my favorite knit designers include Taiga Hilliard, Safiyyah Talley, and Rebecca McKenzie. For crochet, some of my faves are Clarisabeth Lopez Rodríguez, Natalie @Detroit Knots, and Natalia McHayle. A few of my favorite designers who BOTH knit and crochet are Vincent Williams, Cairo Romaguera, and Carolina Damonte.

If you could be any skein of yarn, which one would you be?

I think that I would be a skein of worsted weight. Perfect for a squishy quick hat or scarf, but fabulously elegant in lace designs, too!!

What do you do to unwind? ( Pun intended!)

That’s when I’m not playing with yarn, right?! I love to unwind with math and word puzzles, reading, watching old movies, and falling down the rabbit hole of researching my family history. My hubby and I are also HUGE foodies so when we can, we sneak out to fun restaurants or we (ahem…he) cooks awesome meals.

What makes you most excited to join the Jimmy Beans Team?

Where do I start?! Everything from Jimmy Beans – from clubs to tools and everything in between – exudes pure yarnie joy!! I hope to be a useful resource to club members and can’t wait to cheer everyone on as they stitch away. I’m thrilled and honored to be a part of Team Beans!!

If you’d like to check out some of Aimée’s amazing work you can find her on Ravelry or her website, Yarngerie! You can also email her at [email protected] for direct support! 

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