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On Monday morning we made the first CrochetObjet donation to the Brothers in Arms organization and I don’t think I have enough words to express my feelings about it. We made it together! This is thanks to YOU! Thank you for purchasing my Bono Bunny charity pattern which allowed me to place this donation.

Our First CrochetObjet knitting Donation

Eyal and myself placed the first CrochetObjet knitting donation on Monday morning, with our first coffee. Our first CrochetObjet knitting donation was 1400 nis/ 380 $. We both took a decision to donate all the revenues from the Bono Bunny pattern and not just the profits. Simply because we both believe that this is the right thing to do these days. We donate regularly to the Brothers in arms organization anyway so we decided not to cut out the transaction fees and the money exchange fees.

The Brothers in Arm is a civilian organization that takes care of all of those in need during war days. Literally all the aspects of life starting with food and clothes and even relocating families that lost their homes or lost completely everything they had in life. They take care of families that their houses were burnt and they also help those that saw their loved ones being burnt. I am so sorry for sharing this content with you but this is not pulp fiction. This has happened in the brutal attack by Hamas ISIS on October 7th. That’s why it is SO important for me to make everything I can to help my community.

I’m writing these words literally with tears in my eyes. Being able to place a donation with my CrochetObjet knitting community brings light into the darkness of these horrifying war days. I am so thankful for you joining me in the huge spike of ‘civilians charity’ here in Israel. Many of you commented saying every small step counts and I totally agree. We can make a difference in our way.

This week I uploaded a new episode to YouTube in which I share more details about our first CrochetObjet knitting donation. I also shared a vlog on the second part of the episode with my yarn-y and kitchen makings. Both are a huge source of relief for me during the war days.   

You can join the next CrochetObjet knitting donation just by purchasing the Bono Bunny charity pattern. This pattern is available on Etsy and on Ravelry and we designating all revenues from both stores for donation until the end of 2023. Please join us.Our First CrochetObjet knitting DonationMeanwhile here we continue making Bono Bunnies that will soon be sent to those soft little hearts that survived the brutal attack by Hamas ISIS on Oct 7th. I shared the Bono Bunnies we made on the video as well. This morning I added this one to the pile. xxMo

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