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Looking over my project bags makes it clear that I am completely obsessed with scrappy projects. Both knitting and crochet. Just give me all the scrappy stitching and I’m in my happy place.Hello Hello, it’s been a while since we last met here. How are you all doing? Is it springtime in your patch now? Or is it the beginning of winter where you live? Here in Israel mother nature does its thing whatsoever. Even though things are getting (even more) complicated here in my tiny beloved country, Spring has sprung in full power. So many flowers in different shapes, scents and colors everywhere. The Feijoa in our balcony garden is at the peak of its blossoming. It is no wonder that I want to knit and crochet with all the scrappy colorful yarns in my stash. 


Whether it’s related to the inspiration spring brings in, or to the escapism I need in my life. I find myself lately, craving or to be more precise, obsessed with scrappy projects. I have a few on the go and a few dream projects that I wish I could start working on NOW! But as I watch and follow my fellow makers in the knitting and crochet community, I realize I’m just a part of a huge trend. Try, for example, to type #scrappysocks on the search bar on Instagram. It will bring up the most uplifting picture gallery. Try it and thank me later. I spent hours staring at this mesmerizing grid and made all the weekly knitters addicted as well. One of the knitters from our Monday’s club was gifted this lovely scrappy socks kit. We are all obsessed.


What is it about scrappy projects that we love? I guess for me it is mostly about colors and the playfulness around it. Obsessed with scrappy projectsThe fact that the colors are changed constantly throughout the work takes the level of my interest to the top. It keeps me happy simply because my mind is so mentally engaged in creating the color layout. Which gets me into my zone and provides a pure escapism! Just started to crochet this granny stripe shawlette (a new word to me) and it’s my latest obsession. This is all I want to do all day.


So, how about you? Are you currently working on a scrappy project, or does the thought of dealing with all those loose ends make you hesitant? It’s a significant aspect of any scrappy endeavor. Unless, unlike me, you’re confident in the magic knot. I’ve had a few unfortunate experiences with it in the past, so I still leave a substantial yarn tail for weaving in. Though, I must admit, I’m inclined to use the magic knot when changing colors.
Obsessed with scrappy projectsIn most of my current scrappy projects the stitching rhythmmus is pretty simple and meditative. Maybe just in one of them there’s a little bit of color work knitting included. Still very simple and BTW I just started knitting a new sock as the third sister for these and shared it on Ep.13.


On this week’s episode I share all my scrappy projects and rumble about my current obsession. I bet it is here to stay, at least for a while. I also share an update on the Soft Rose summer throw. Obsessed with scrappy projectsThis picture makes my heart sing. A one-color monochrome minimalistic crochet project that leaves in a BEAUTIFUL harmony with a knitted scrappy blanket. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, the control freak sneaked into episode 13. Hope you’ll enjoy it. Thanks for watching, xxMo


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