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At first it was the raglan sweater knitted in marling yellow yarns then a yellow sketchbook. It appears I’ve developed a slight obsession with yellow as of late. For some reason, I don’t feel the need to provide a rational explanation for this inexplicable trend. Instead, I simply enjoy observing the situation.

My obsession with yellow

I’m completely in love with my yellow raglan sweater. Every time I try it on, it makes my heart sing. I don’t remember when was the last time I had a yellow garment in my closet, but I simply can’t wait to finish it and start wearing it.  

Earlier this week, I became aware of my yellow obsession as I arrived home with a new yellow sketchbook. Placing it in the studio, I noticed it nestled close to my yellow marling raglan work-in-progress. Obviously, this unplanned coincidence brought me joy. It made me go back to this blog to check when this yellow obsession first took place. It was back in June 2017 so it’s clearly not a seasonal trend.

My obsession with yellowI have no explanation or intention to look for an explanation. I just enjoy it or to be precise I enjoy watching it. Furthermore, I enjoy sharing my yellow obsession with you especially because I find this content far more appealing than discussing the war or the hostages.

In my latest vlog episode there’s (yet another) surreal blend of my personal war update and my creative adventures. Within it, I share footage of me trying on my raglan WIP, I ramble about my Gray hair and recent hairdresser visit. Additionally, I share my Yellow sketchbook plans for 2024 and an Esty shop update. I’m incredibly grateful for your presence in this journey. It would be great if you can Let me know if you like my new crochet scarf idea as can be seen in this episode, xxMo

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