MooglyCAL2024 Block 2 Courtesy of Linda Dean Crochet

MooglyCAL2024 Block 2 courtesy of Linda Dean Crochet

MooglyCAL2024 Block 2 is a simple square that packs a big punch, designed by the fabulous Linda Dean Crochet! The Diamonds Reflected Block is a wonderful exploration of spike stitches and colorwork and texture. Get all the details for this free crochet along, as well as the free pattern link below!

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The 2023 Moogly CAL Schedule

As we go, click the name of the past squares to go to their posts and get the patterns! The number represents the date of the month the post will debut.

January Jacob’s Treasure Square and THIS POST
February 8 and 22
March 7 and 21
April 4 and 18
May 2, 16, and 30
June 13 and 27
July 11 and 25
August 8 and 22
September 5 and 19
October 3, 17, and 31
November 14 and 27


Block #2:

Diamonds Reflected Block

by Linda Dean Crochet

MooglyCAL2024 Block 2 courtesy of Linda Dean Crochet

Above you can see the square that she made, featuring 4 colors. Below is my CAL square, in my 3 colors! (I’m doing a stash buster, so these colors will change throughout the year!)

MooglyCAL2024 Block 2 courtesy of Linda Dean Crochet

The Details for Square #2

My Notes: Linda is using the Diamonds Reflected Block to teach us that simple stitches can have a big impact! The trick with long or spike stitches is making sure that you pull each loop of the stitch up nice and high, well above the rest of the fabric, as you make the stitch. Even so, you may find that this square looks a little crazy when you’re finished crocheting it – and that’s because this square absolutely needs to be blocked.

If you haven’t blocked a square before, there is a tutorial linked below, but it is simpler than it sounds. For this square’s blocking, I recommend you get it wet (not dripping) and pin it out to size. Then, after it’s dried, go ahead and steam it as well – you don’t want to melt the yarn if you are using acrylic, but you do want to let it relax so it can hold its shape when it’s unpinned. Any remaining slight variations can be covered by your joining method later!

Helpful Links and Tutorials: This square is made of simple stitches, including Standing Single Crochet, Long Loop Single Crochets (aka Spike Stitches), and you can also optionally use the Magic Circle and Seamless Finishing.

Sizing: My square got to 12″ as written, but it needed a strong blocking to get to square. But everyone’s gauge is different so be sure to measure as you go! Learn how to adjust for size HERE to make sure all your squares are the same size. Remember that the 12″ is measured across and up and down – not diagonally corner to corner.

What I Did:

I used a Susan Bates US-J, 6.0 mm Twist and Lock hook, and Red Heart With Love, and my color scheme was as follows (see pics for more info on placement):

Rnds 1 – 5: Light Gray
Rnds 6 – 10:
Holly Berry
Rnds 11 – 15: Light Gray
Rnds 16 – 18:

This square required strong blocking. I used the wet blocking method followed by steaming.

The Pattern:


PLEASE NOTE: The designers all hold individual copyrights for their patterns. They may choose to make videos of their patterns, and you can certainly request them from the designers. In addition, there are videos linked in the notes for specific stitches and techniques that may help you with the pattern.

To print or download the pattern for free you can use the Print Friendly button (if provided on the site) or CLICK HERE for and enter the pattern URL there. If you need help with Print Friendly, please see the tutorial here. Or you can copy and paste it to a Word style document. Alternatively, if you are on a mobile device or tablet, you can bookmark the live page (which always guarantees you’ll see the latest version) or take screenshots.

Show Off Your Squares!

If you share your photos on social media, be sure to use the hashtags #mooglycal2024 and #yarnspo and tag me @mooglyblog so I can see them too! And don’t forget to share them in the MooglyCAL Facebook Group! Thank you all for CAL-ing with me!

And finally, here’s a pin of MooglyCAL2024 – Block 1 for your own Pinterest boards!

MooglyCAL2024 Block 2 courtesy of Linda Dean Crochet

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