Meet the Designer Behind The Noxolis Scarf

How did you learn how to knit & how long have you been a knitter?

I learned the very basics from my mom and aunt when I was a child, then after a long pause, I started to knit again when I was in Highschool and completed my first knitting projects without following a pattern. I didn’t know about patterns at that time. I mostly self-taught for more advanced techniques and sometimes asked for guidance from my mom and aunt. I have been knitting properly since I was around 16 years old, approximately 15 years.

Can you tell us a bit about your journey of becoming a designer?

I have always been a creative person, I studied fine arts in Highschool, then textile design in University. My school projects always included something related to knitting. Knitting was my passion, still is but I’ve never thought about becoming a knitwear designer and writing knit patterns because I didn’t know they existed. I learned about knitting patterns after I did an internship about hand knitting in Berlin. I gravitated to this world because I didn’t want to work a full time job for fast fashion in the textile industry. Then I started to write patterns for my designs and submitting my ideas to magazines and yarn companies. I learn more and more in each design I make.

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What inspired the Noxolis design?Β 

Noxolis is inspired by the midnight sun giving to the sky beautiful soft gradient colours. When the sun decides not to leave us, it gifts to the sky all shades of pastel colours. From the warmest orange to the coolest blues. The sky never fades and the stars blink at us in the light coloured sky.

Are there any tips, tricks, or things knitters should know about the Noxolis for the knit-a-long?

My only suggestion is to weigh the remaining C5 yarn when half of the scarf is finished. Due to gauge differences, there may not be enough C5 yarn. If more than half of C5 is used, omit a couple repeats in the middle section.

What are some ways you like to unwind after a long day?

If I have enough energy I like to go out and meet with my friends for a couple of drinks. if I don’t, I usually watch some of my favourite TV shows or movies. Sometimes I play video games.
If you’d like to check out some more ofΒ Β Yiğitcan’s amazing work you can find them onΒ Ravelry!

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