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It’s been a while since I last shared a Knitting and Crochet weekly meetings post. Usually I share pictures, on social media, after each meeting, but it was just too busy here lately that I skipped sharing on the last few meetings. Thankfully I have this little blog corner to catch up on and this is what I’m gonna do today. It’s a pictures heavy kinda blog so lay back and enjoy!

Knitting and Crochet weekly meetingsI could easily spend the entire day here putting this blog post together, because my camera roll is packed with gazillion pictures from our Knitting and Crochet weekly meetings. Needless to say they are all SO BEAUTIFUL. But I have guests coming for dinner and only have the time I have so here is what I picked up for you today. Hope it will give you some inspiration. If you have any question about any of the projects please feel free to leave it in the comments section down below. Thank you Gittit for providing this picture of these colourful vibrant crochet squares above. Knitting and Crochet weekly meetings

The Love Garden blanket is so loved here in our knitting and crochet meetings. This calming colour way is made by Vered. It really breaks my heart to pieces each time a new Love Garden blanket comes to life. It was a special journey for me and it is still, after more than four year, a special project to crochet. And the Pica Pau creature that sits on it is so adorable.

Knitting and Crochet weekly meetingsWe have plenty of socks projects in the making on our knitting and crochet weeklies. I think we all or maybe 99% of us have at least one pair of socks in the making. There are a few mittens in the making as well. Elicheva knits the Cloudburst by Arienne Grey.

Knitting and Crochet weekly meetings

And she also made this one!! A simple basic Granny Square is all that this bag is made of. She used this joining method.

Knitting and Crochet weekly meetingsOk this one! Ruti sent me a message the other day saying that she wants to start making the Marled Magic sweater by Stephen West. She asked if I like it and if I think she can make it. Well to be honest, I wasn’t that sure. I thought this is a bit too complicated and I know Ruti, she loves to run fast. She needs something to be busy with every day. She takes her knitting and crochet bags everywhere, even if she goes to a bar OK? But she insisted she wanted to try it and so two weeks ago we started. Knitting and Crochet weekly meetingsOMGoodness!!! This project is such fun to work on and comes out SO beautiful. She made herself a basket full of  hand dyed sock wool and she has such fun mixing colours. There are so many knitting textures and techniques on this project and Stephen provides a lot of videos to go along with the pattern.

Knitting and Crochet weekly meetings

Ronit is busy knitting her Kumulus Tee by PetiteKnit. I think we all knitted it here. I finished mine just before we left to the States and I can report a massive use of this little simple garment. Ronit uses the loveliest Cotton Linen blend that I had in my studio. Luckily I have two more skeins of this wool which I plan to knit another Kumulus with because it’s just too beautiful!

Knitting and Crochet weekly meetingsEden is at the last part on her Nuuk sweater. It’s a very simple and basic raglan by Laine that we made out of a fingering sock yarn. It’s been a little creative journey to shift the design to fit her wool but it comes out really beautiful and just as my lovely Eden wanted it to be. Here you see Eden try on a cabled raglan I knitted. It’s a pattern I designed a few months ago because I wanted a simple cable raglan for myself. When she tried it on we all loved the way it looks on her and I decided to give it to her. She was happy to the sky and so do I.

Knitting and Crochet weekly meetingsStill in the sweater department. Sigal is showing off her NEW Fungus Cardigan by Refined Knitwear. She is so proud of it and she should be because, a few years ago, when she first came to my studio she didn’t know how to hold the needles. She is SO talented and such a brilliant learner. AND a good friend of mine. She’s already busy knitting a swatch for her next sweated.

Knitting and Crochet weekly meetingsThere are a few shawls on our weeklies table. Orna and Mishi are happily busy knitting the Vaike by Isabell Kraemer and they both report that it’s an easy breezy project to knit. We are here for simple projects and we all make sure to have at least one on the go.

Knitting and Crochet weekly meetings

And back to the bags department. We have a few Como bags on our knitting and crochet weekly meetings. The girls here use different yarns to crochet this everyday bag. It is absolutely safe to say that the Nina bag is THE best bag project you will ever have!

Knitting and Crochet weekly meetings

This is Vered again and she is busy knitting her KISS blanket. This pattern is the absolute winner of all the SIMPLE knits. Just as I named it, Keep It Simple Stripes. And the colour ways options are endless. my knitting project

And this is a little something that I’m working on lately. This knitting and crochet combo square keeps my mind busy on the last couple of weeks. I am totally into this new development that takes my focus and makes my heart sing. It is still the first steps but I promise to keep you posted.

I think this is it for today, I hope you enjoy joining us into our Knitting and Crochet weekly meetings. I could stay here for hours and share tons of more pictures and projects but I’m already late with this blog post and still have a dinner to make. Just on a side note, there are a lot more projects that I haven’t shared here because sometimes I am just too busy on those meetings and don’t have the moment to take a proper picture of a WIP before they leave. I hope you and my beloved students understand it and I promise to share more on social on the go. Thanks so much for your visit here, xxMo


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