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Hello Hello knitters and crocheters! This morning we had a LOVELY knitting and crochet Friday workshop. We gathered together, around my studio table for a cozy Friday workshop, surrounded by colorful yarns and spent a few hours of happy making. I thought I’ll share some cheerful moments I captured from our workshop before we start our weekend here. Grab a cup of something and get ready to be inspired.

¨knitting and crochet Friday workshopFriday workshopcrochetobjet granny squareknitting and crochet Friday workshopFor most of the participants it’s not their first CrochetObjet workshop. Actually they come to my knitting and crochet Friday workshops every single time. But some of them are coming less often. These cheerful Granny Squares are made by a young girl that last time she came was about 4 years ago. In the today’s workshop she was busy crocheting the Advanced Cable granny square and the Lily square. She also had a cute Angie Bunny in her bag but I didn’t take a picture of it. I guess it’s because I was busy teaching.


Knitting and Crochet Friday workshopA new knitter in action. D is a lovely young lady who just started to learn how to knit. She called me a few weeks ago and asked if she could come learn with me. I offered her the Friday morning option. She works in the hospital during weekdays so the knitting and crochet Friday workshop was a good choice for her.Knitting and Crochet Friday workshop This is her second workshop. On the first time she came she had this chunky wool in her bag with a start of some knitting stitches on her needles. She wanted to knit something to wear that will suit a beginner. I offered this vest which I thought would be good to start with. The needles she had were of the very old type and I offered her to try the Chiaogoo circular needles and she immediately felt the difference. We started with practicing the basic knit and purl stitches and today we started working on the actual vest. She knitted the hem and till our next meeting, in a few weeks, she’ll knit the front side.


Knitting and Crochet Friday workshop Knitting and Crochet Friday workshop E is not new to the CrochetObjet studio. She has been visiting here so many times. She’s an avid crocheter and she’s a big fan of my GrannyKit cotton. I can write a full heavy blog post with all the beautiful creations she crocheted with my cotton yarn.crochet workshopShe is just about to finish her Linen Clutch and she’s so in love with it. On our last Friday knitting and crochet workshop she told me she lost her crochet mojo and asked me to find her a simple but colourful crochet project to help her jump into the making again. I offered her my Soft Ripple blanket pattern and I think it’s SO clear she’s happy!!! I’m happy too.


knitting and crochetDN is also busy crocheting her Soft Ripple baby blanket. Can you see her baby blanket in the background? It’s beautiful. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of it this morning. I think it’s her third workshop here and she’s quite a new crocheter. She enjoys it to the sky. By the way, the Soft Ripple is a free pattern shared here on my blog.


Knitting and Crochet Friday workshop Knitting and Crochet Friday workshopHello Chunky Bennji. Ay is not at all new to the CrochetObjet studio, in fact she’s part of the knit night club but from time to time she prefers to come for a Friday workshop. She says that the daylight in my studio makes her happy. It makes me happy too! I am very thankful for that and also for having Ay in my knitting and crochet clubs.knitting workshopToday she started knitting her first Musselburgh hat and wanted me to teach her how to start the magic loop using five double pointed needles. It was an absolute pleasure! Can’t wait to see her progress. She’ll love the making of this joyful knitting project. friday knitting workshopBefore she left I took a picture of Chunky Benji in her bag because it’s just too cute.


knitting workshopFor Y it was the first CrochetObjet workshop and I hope she enjoyed it. She knows how to knit and decided to start her KISS blanket journey. She’ll be back again in our next Friday knitting and crochet workshop. YAY! knitting and crochet workshopsI think I missed only two projects this time but all in all I took quite a good number of pictures from our Friday knitting and crochet workshop this morning. I hope you enjoyed spending some time with me here today. Oh yeAh and there’s a new video tutorial coming your way on Sunday. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and push the little bell button if you want to get notified every time I upload a new video. Thanks much, xxMo

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