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The Keep Shinin socks full tutorial that I made to go along with my latest sock pattern is now live! I AM SO excited. Can’t tell you what a huge satisfaction it is for me to finally be here writing these words. I made a video where I share how I knit socks from start to finish and it is now available on my YouTube channel. If you were one of those that wrote me saying you wish you could learn how to knit socks with me, then this video is for you. AND I owe you a big THANK YOU!

First thank you for taking the time to write to me. Second, thank you for wanting to learn how to knit socks with me. And third, thank you for encouraging me to create such a video and making me publish my Keep Shinin socks full tutorial. It is ALL thanks to you.

In this video you will get to know the different parts on a cuff – down sock. There are time stamps included for each part of the video in case you want to skip between them. I made it so you feel like you booked a few sock knitting classes with me in my studio. I don’t want to burden you with a long wordy description because everything is in the video. You can jump in and watch it now. Or stay with me for a brief explanation of how the tutorial is structured and for some pictures I took earlier this week on our Spring balcony.

In the first part I share all the information you need to know about materials. I also included links to the needles in the description box. I knit the Keep Shinin sock on a 9″ circular needle and change to a longer one for the heel and toe.

In the second part we will cast on and close to knit in the round using the invisible join and start knitting the cuff.
Keep Shining socks full tutorial​
The next part is where I share how to knit the leg including the Cable stitch and the 4dc bobbles. I included those special stitches although I also made separate videos for each. (If you are a beginner I have a tip for you regarding those special stitches on the last paragraph). Keep Shining socks full tutorial​We will learn how to knit the heel flap and heel turn and when these are done we will be ready to pick up stitches and start the gusset section. I share each and every little tiny step because I remember how I was struggling with this part when I was a beginner. I show how to knit the decreases using the SSK (slip slip knit) and the K2tog (knit 2 together). You will see, it is SO SIMPLE!
The next part on the Keep Shinin socks video tutorial is where I share how to knit the foot. In this part you will also learn how to calculate the foot length that you need.
We will knit the Toe on the next part and will graft the stitches using the Kitchener Stitch which is the last part on sock knitting. Keep Shining socks full tutorial​The last final part of this video tutorial is where I share how I weave in the yarn ends. Yes! You will have it all included in the Keep Shinin socks full video tutorial.
My tip for beginners.
So you are a beginner and this is the first time you knit socks? Do you want to learn with me, following my video? In this case I strongly recommend that you avoid both the Cable and the 4dc bobble stitch. On your first attempt simply knit those stitches instead. Work as follows: when it’s time to crochet the 4dc bobble simply knit this stitch. Same with the Cable, when it’s time to knit a cable, simply knit the next 4 stitches. This way you knit your fist sock with me and still get a pretty shorties with a lovely lace pattern. A few of my weekly knitters chose to skip the bobbles stitch and the socks looks so lovely. I share them on IG reels.

Earlier this week I took a few pictures of my Keep Shinin socks on our front balcony deck. This pattern screams Spring and I enjoy having them on my feet so much. Keep Shining socks full tutorial​I think they can make a perfect gift for a spring time birthday and I might have one in mind. I really hope you will give this pattern a go, now that the full video tutorial is available. And if like me, you are a crocheter but you start to feel itchy and want to learn how to knit socks then you might find this video helpful. Please let me know if you plan on learning how to knit socks. If you feel ready for it or maybe you want to try it some day in the future. Can’t wait to get you started. Let me know what you think on the comment section down bellow here and on the video as well, see you there, xxMo.

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