Introducing The Dream Crochet Shoppe’s Fall 2019 Collection!

Hello there! The time is finally here, my absolute favorite time of year and I’ve curated a handful of Fall inspired crochet designs influenced by the beauty of Autumn. Fall is a sense of renewal for me personally and I truly desired to create items that started fresh, but with a twist of some sort that would bring forth a new perspective. 12 New designs from dresses, to sweaters, to crochet “distressed” pants! I adored constructing items that I would love to wear and hopefully you will too!

from left to right

 “The Carnival Crochet Sweater Top”

This alternating long sleeved top offers an exhilarating illusion and design play with a color duo of stripes!

 “The Sweet Blossom Crochet Sweater Top”

This 3 quarter length crochet top has tiered sleeves adds dramatic flair to a casual top!

from left to right

 “The Acorn Bridge Crochet Shrug”

This cocoon shrug with aligning strips and cable stitched cuffed trim outlining the comfy cover.

 “The Bale Sleeveless Crochet Maxi Cardigan”

Long and loose, a sleeveless maxi crochet cardigan, with room and quite perfect for layering, implementing belted accessories to your fall outfit.

 “The Fall Festival Crochet Cardigan”

Comfy long sleeved crochet cardigan with a lace inspired design, accompanied by a cozy hood.

from left to right

 “The Maize Crochet Skirt”

Cable stitched inspired, high waist, with an elastic band, crochet skirt with a slit for a bit of Autumn spice!

 “The Cornucopia Crochet Skirt and Crochet Sweater”

A pop of a crochet set! A two for one, a bold sweater with sweet ruffles aligning the shoulder and a buffalo plaid inspired crochet skirt with an elastic waistband as well.

 “The Last Dance of Spring Crochet Shorts”

Spring is gone, though shorts with a slight twirl along the trim with a knit inspired stitch. Along a cuffed cable stitch elastic waistband adds for style and comfort.

from left to right

 “The Golden of Apples Crochet Dress”

Long sleeved crochet sweater dress with a cold shoulder cut out for detailing. Aligning the dress with a cable stitch trim.

 “The Fallen Leaves Crochet Maxi Dress”

Sweet and airy this batwing 3 quartered pouf sleeves live for this dress along with a casual boat neckline. 

 “The Crisp Air Crochet Dress”

Long sleeved crochet sweater dress, with cable stitched trim and a crochet belt to accessorize, aligned with a boat neckline.

 “The Patch Crochet Distressed Pants”

With an elastic band waistline, this distressed inspired pants offer style, but most important, comfort!

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