How To Convert Kilograms to Ounces – kg to oz

Enter your kilogram value in the calculator below to reveal the corresponding number of ounces. You can also use our kilograms-to-ounces formula for manual calculations.

There are 35.27396195 ounces in one kilogram. To go from kilograms to ounces, multiply by 35.274.

Ounces = kilograms x 35.274

Kilograms to Ounces

Reference the table below for common kilograms-to-ounce conversions.

Kilograms (kg) Ounces (oz)
1 kg 35.27 oz
2 kg 70.55 oz
3 kg 105.82 oz
4 kg 141.10 oz
5 kg 176.37 oz
6 kg 211.64 oz
7 kg 246.92 oz
8 kg 282.19 oz
9 kg 317.47 oz
10 kg 352.74 oz
20 kg 705.48 oz
30 kg 1058.22 oz
40 kg 1410.96 oz
50 kg 1763.70 oz
60 kg 2116.44 oz
70 kg 2469.18 oz
80 kg 2821.92 oz
90 kg 3174.66 oz
100 kg 3527.40 oz
1000 kg 35273.96 oz

The Difference Between a Kilogram and an Ounce

An ounce (symbol: oz) is a unit from the United States Customary and  British Imperial System that measures weight or mass. Formally known as the international avoirdupois ounce, the oz equals 28.349523125 g, and there are 16 ounces in one pound. The most common use for the ounce includes measuring food, postal weight, and objects weighing less than one pound.

The fluid ounce is different from the avoirdupois ounce. It measures the volume of a liquid and is equal to 28.4130625 mL in the Imperial System and 29.57353 mL in the US Customary System.

A kilogram (symbol: kg)  is from the metric system and measures mass. While an ounce is 1/16th of a pound, the kg is equivalent to 2.205 pounds, making it over 35 times larger. 

How to Convert Kilograms to Ounces: Examples

Here are three examples of converting kilograms to ounces:

Example: Convert 6 kilograms to ounces

  • Ounces = 6 kg x 35.274
  • 211.64 oz = 6kg

Example: Convert 2.5 kilograms to ounces

  • Ounces = 2.5 kg x 35.274
  • 88.185 ounces = 2.5 kg

Example: Convert 12 kg to ounces

  • Ounces = 12 kg x 35.274
  • 423.288 ounces = 12 kg

How to Convert Kilograms to Pounds and Ounces

Units from the US Customary and British Imperial system don’t convert easily from one to another, so you’ll need to take multiple steps to convert kilograms to pounds and ounces.

To convert kilograms to pounds and ounces, we’ll convert kg to lbs. Then, we’ll convert the pounds to pounds and ounces.

As an example, we’ll convert 7 kilograms to pounds and ounces.

  • Since one kilogram equals 2.205 pounds, we’ll start by multiplying 7 x 2.205 to determine pounds. 7kg x 2.205 = 15.435 pounds
  • The decimal after the whole number represents a fraction, not ounces. To convert the decimal to ounces, we’ll multiply by 16 since there are 16 ounces in a pound. .435 lbs x 16 = 6.96
  • 7 kilograms equals 11 lbs. 6.96 oz.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What is 1 kg in pounds and ounces?

One kilogram is equal to 2 lbs and 3.28 ounces. 

Is an ounce heavier than a kilogram?

A kilogram is 35 times heavier than an ounce. In terms of everyday objects, a full liter of water weighs 1 kilo, while a slice of bread weighs about an ounce.

What is a troy ounce?

A troy ounce measures precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. The troy ounce is different from the avoirdupois ounce we use to weigh food and household items. A troy ounce is equivalent to 31.1034768 grams, while an avoirdupois ounce is 28.349523125 g. There are 12 troy ounces in one troy pound.

Can you convert kilograms to fluid ounces?

Since fluid ounces measure volume, you must know the item’s density before converting kilograms to fluid ounces. You also must decide if you’re using the US Customary fluid ounce or the Imperial fluid ounce since they are different. 

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