How Much Does It Cost to Build an A-Frame Home?

The average price to build an A-Frame house is $150,000, with labor and material costs of  $100 – $200 per square foot. For a standard 1,000-square-foot A-Frame home, expect to pay $100,000 – $200,000.

A-Frame Home Cost Breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of costs associated with building a new A-Frame house.

  • Lot Preparation: $2,000 – $6,000
  • Foundation: $4 per square foot
  • Building Materials and Labor: $50 – $150 square foot
  • A-Frame Plans: $200 – $2,000
  • New Electrical: $4-$9 per square foot
  • Rough-In Plumbing: $4-$5 per square foot
  • Septic Tank: $10,000 – $25,000 (varies by location)
  • General Contractor: up to 10-20% of total project cost

Factors that Affect the Cost of Building an A-Frame House

Cost to build an a frame house

Many factors influence the price of an A-Frame house. While it’s helpful to look at national averages, the cost of your A-Frame could be much less or much more, depending on your choices.

A-Frame Plans vs. A-Frame Kit

A significant factor in the cost of your new build is whether you use an A-Frame plan or purchase a prefab A-Frame kit.

You can find small A-Frame kits for as little as $29,000, with larger family-sized options costing $70,000+. These kits are prefabricated and shipped to the site. You can assemble them yourself or hire a contractor. You can purchase the kits as the shell only or purchase complete interior and exterior packages.

While A-Frame kits are less expensive than a from-scratch build, you’ll still need to pay for electrical work, a foundation, plumbing, and a septic system, depending on location.

You can purchase an existing A-Frame plan for $100 – $2,000. Architect-drawn plans are more expensive, ranging from a few thousand dollars to $30,000.

These plans will walk you through building an A-Frame house, step by step, complete with a material list. The benefit of using A-Frame plans is the ability to customize the materials and layout of your home. Rather than being sent materials as you would in a kit, you purchase all supplies yourself. Unless you have previous construction experience, you’ll need a general contractor to oversee the completion of the home.

Because A-Frame kits come prefabricated, they’re a much faster build than using A-Frame plans.

DIY vs. Hiring a Contractor

The average cost of general contractors for a home build is 10-20% of the total project cost. So, for a $100,000 home build, you’re looking at a minimum of a $10,000 fee. 

While building an A-Frame home is no easy feat, those with construction experience will benefit from significant savings.

Location and Cost of Lot

According to LandSearch, the average cost of a one-acre lot in the United States is $17,542. Your location will dictate the price. For example, you can find an acre of land for about $7,546 in Kansas, while an acre in Massachusetts is $46,148.

The land you choose will also determine how much work it will take to prep the site and the difficulty of utility hookups.

Septic System

Most A-Frame homes in rural areas won’t have access to public sewer and will need a septic system. The average price for a new septic tank is $7,015, while a complete septic system (including a new tank) ranges from $10,000 – $25,000, depending on the location and complexity of the job.


Depending on where you live, you may need multiple building permits to construct your A-Frame. Consult with your local building office or hire a contractor to manage permits on your behalf.

The Finishes You Choose

A contributing cost to any house build is the type of finishes. To save money, opt for materials like laminate countertops, vinyl flooring, and basic bathroom fixtures. If you’re looking for high-end finishes, your A-Frame build will be on the higher end of the spectrum.

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