How Much Does Deep Cleaning a House Cost?

Deep cleaning is hard work, and many homeowners don’t have the time. On average, deep cleaning a house costs anywhere between $200 to $400. While you can clean your house, professional deep cleaning services care for every corner of the house. Let’s break down how much deep cleaning a house costs and explore some ways to save money.

Deep cleaning cost

Average Cost to Hire a House Cleaner

An average hour of an individual cleaner ranges from $12 to $25. You pay a little more if you go with a company. However, the cost depends on the services you request.

Each company has its cost breakdown. Some charge per square foot $0.10 to $0.30, while others charge by room or type of service requested. Location, size, extra services, and other factors will influence the house cleaning cost.

What Is Professional Deep Cleaning?

Professional deep cleaning involves the detailed removal of dirt, allergens and debris. It’s done once or twice a year or on special occasions.

Some processes included in the deep cleaning checklist are dusting, window washing, floor scrubbing and cleaning the counters, carpets, furniture and upholstery.

It also involves polishing baseboards, cabinets, and wood accents, washing walls, and cleaning curtains, among other tasks that homes and furniture may need.

Some benefits of deep cleaning your house include:

  • Making the house look cleaner
  • Deeper removal of bacteria and viruses
  • Reduces allergens by removing dust, pollen or pet hair
  • Improves air quality
  • Eliminates any pests
  • Minimizes clutter
  • Improved your mental health

Deep Cleaning Cost Breakdown

Every cleaning company has its methods and prices to determine the total cost of a deep clean. Every house has a different size and structure that can affect this total. Even special requirements from the homeowner, like asking for eco-friendly products, can elevate the price.

By Square Foot

The average deep clean price per square foot is $0.10 to $0.30. Considering the median US home size (2,014 sq. ft), deep cleaning ranges from $200 to $400. It also would take between 3.5 to 4.5 hours.

By Number of Bedrooms

The more bedrooms, the higher the price. Here’s an average of prices:

  • 1-bedroom home cleaning cost: $125 – $225
  • 2-bedroom home cleaning cost: $250 – $425
  • 3-bedroom home cleaning cost: $300 – $475
  • 4-bedroom home cleaning cost: $325 – $525

By Number of Bathrooms

Deep cleaning of bathrooms is one of the most expensive services. It’s one of the house’s most used rooms and is vulnerable to accumulating bacteria. That’s why some cleaning companies consider full bathrooms, half baths and three-quarter baths when preparing an invoice for their services.

  • 1-bathroom home cleaning cost: $180 – $250
  • 2-bathroom home cleaning cost: $275 – $450
  • 3-bathroom home cleaning cost: $325 – $525

By the Type of Room and Appliances

Some rooms take longer than others because they need different levels of cleaning. This is true for areas like the laundry room, kitchen and bathroom. These rooms are labor-intensive, take longer than others to clean, and thus cost more.

The bedroom is another complex room since it involves moving furniture, vacuuming and cleaning the mattress, and other tasks that can be heavy work.

Add-On Services

Cleaning companies offer some add-on services that can improve your deep cleaning:

  • Interior Window Cleaning: $3 – $10 per window
  • Exterior Window Cleaning: $4 – $11 per window
  • Wash, Dry, and Fold Laundry: $5 – $20 per load
  • Carpet Cleaning: $100 – $300
  • Cleaning Inside of Fridge: $30 – $50

Hiring a Cleaning Professional or A Company

Individual cleaners charge $12 to $25 per hour. They offer a more flexible and customizable experience. They charge by the hour and by how many people they need, which can be more cost-efficient for some people.

When hiring a cleaning company, you can expect a charge between $25 and $80 per hour. There’re settled packages and prices, which will require signing a contract. It’s usually more expensive than hiring an individual. However, they may have more experience in professional cleaning services and the means to finish the job faster.

Checking the experience, reviews, and prices is essential in both cases.

How Often Should You Have Your House Deep Cleaned?

You should deep clean your house once or twice a year, even if you maintain a strict cleaning routine. You can choose a specific season, like spring cleaning or do it before a special event in your house, like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Some signs indicate that you need a house deep cleaning:

  • Your allergies are acting up
  • You feel your house is always dirty no matter what you do
  • There’s a musty smell in your house
  • You’ve never done a deep cleaning
  • There’s mold in your bathroom
  • You’re moving

Cost of Deep Cleaning: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

Embarking on a DIY deep clean requires several upfront costs. On average, cleaning products such as detergents, disinfectants, and brushes may total around $50 to $100.

Larger tools, such as vacuums or pressure washers, can add a significant cost, with basic models starting around $100 and high-end ones ranging into the hundreds or even thousands. Rental options are available for such equipment, generally costing less in the short term.

The average-sized house, roughly 2,000 square feet, may take one person between 10 to 20 hours to deep clean, based on the level of detail and cleanliness desired.

Hiring a professional cleaning service involves a team of two to four cleaners. With their experience and efficiency, these professionals can often complete a deep clean faster, making it a time-effective choice. Professional services run promotions or offer packages that can make this option more affordable.

The choice between the DIY route and hiring a professional comes down to several factors. Budget considerations, the value placed on personal time, and the desire for professional-level cleanliness all play a part.

Understanding both options’ potential costs and benefits helps make an informed decision.

How to Save Money on Deep Cleaning House Costs

Deep cleaning is a service that requires labor, time and products. Saving any money seems impossible. However, there are some tips to save pennies on deep cleaning your house.

  • Choose Services: Find out if a cleaning company has detailed cleaning services. Select the most time-consuming and labor-intensive cleaning jobs. For simpler jobs, creating a cleaning schedule can help.
  • Negotiate With Cleaners: Consider negotiating for lower rates or discounts on repeat services. Try to sign up for regular monthly or bi-weekly cleaning visits for an additional discount each time they visit.
  • Find Coupons: Look online or check the local magazines for coupons or offers from cleaners in your area.

Deep cleaning is a process that homeowners must go through once or twice a year, even if they maintain a good daily cleaning routine.

Getting a professional is the best choice when looking for the best results. Even the DIY route involves time, labor, and money that might not yield the best results.

When paying a professional, whether a company or an individual, all that money breaks down into transportation fees, house size, number of cleaners, and products. Always look for references and the reputation of the company or person you’re about to hire.

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