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The Front Post Slip-Stitch tutorial is now available on my YouTube channel. Today I have two works in progress to share and one of them comes with a new crochet video tutorial. I have a feeling that you might like this tutorial and the outcome.


This week I made quite a progress with two of my works in progress. One of them is yet another stripy socks and the other one is a crochet project. The Front Post Slip-Stitch crochet tutorial is related to my crochet WIP and I included it as part of this week’s episode. Let’s start with the crochet project first and at the end of this post I’ll share a picture of my new socks, which is a NEON stripe one (who am I?)


During the past few months, I’ve been making a crochet summer throw for our bedroom. My craving for a simple one-color solid square throw sparked as I worked on this blanket. I shared the making process on YouTube along with all the details about the yarn and hook. Additionally, I created a full tutorial demonstrating how to crochet the Soft Rose squares. Front Post Slip-Stitch TutorialI crocheted squares and piled them together and like all those Granny squares projects, as the pile grows the joy grows as well. This time they have been piling up in the Nina bag. The ‘piling’ is a little something that makes my heart sing ever since I started crocheting granny squares. A bundle of crochet granny squares is a PURE joy and if you know, you know!


Back to the main story (Moran, PLEASE stay focused here). While I was in love with my crochet squares pile, a new idea sneaked into my head. Perhaps I can try adding another small detail to this one-color project? Typically me! My idea was to try to incorporate another ‘type’ of square into the overall layout of my crochet summer throw.soft rose granny squareI shared this idea and a couple options I crocheted here and here if you like to get the full picture. Eventually I came out with a delicate Front Post Slip-Stitch round. It’s made out of tiny bits of leftover hand dyed sock wool. I added a couple of Picot stitches in each corner and couldn’t be happier. 


Yesterday morning I created the Front Post Slip-Stitch tutorial in which I share exactly how I crochet this round. From start to the weave-in-ends part. Front Post Slip-Stitch TutorialThis new crochet tutorial is now available on my YouTube channel and is included in this episode. So if you think this is something you might find interesting to learn, mark yourself that it is included in episode #7. Yes I decided recently to give my episodes numbers. I explain all about it here in this video.


I shared more of my crochet summer throw work in progress here in this episode along with a lot more joyful moments and another WIP. But before I show it to you I wanted to invite you also to something that I shared on this episode (#7). Recently I received a lot of questions related to my CrochetObjet knitting journey, Etsy and how I started it all up. So I thought of gathering all your questions into a Q&A episode that I plan to upload to my Youtube channel. So, if you have any question that you would like to ask me, please send it to [email protected]. Make sure to keep it short and clear and I’ll do my best to include everything that will answer your question in my episode. 

My NEON stripes socks

Front Post Slip Stitch TutorialsLast Friday I cast-on a new pair of stripy socks because this color combination got me hooked while I was editing episode 6. Neon socksI don’t have any reasonable explanation how and why but this Neon and Mauve – dusty – Purple took my heart. Everyday I took footage of the progress and shared it on this week’s episode. So get yourself a cup of something and join me there. I hope you’ll enjoy this episode and the new Front Post Slip-Stitch Tutorial. Is this stitch new to you? I would love to know if you gonna give it a try, xxMo   


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