Easy Crochet Projects to Make with Squares

Easy Crochet Projects to Make with Squares: Bags, Pillows, Blanket and More! - Moogly

What can you make with crochet squares? Well, the annual MooglyCAL has one easy solution – blankets! But you can actually use crochet squares to make all sorts of projects, in all sorts of sizes. So today we’ll sit down with our blocks and talk about all the many ways you can make easy crochet projects with squares!

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Easy Crochet Projects to Make with Squares Tutorial:

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Easy Crochet Projects to Make with Squares


Below, you’ll find How to Make Granny Squares, How to Join Crochet Squares, and many many ideas for projects you can make using crochet squares!

Easy Crochet Projects to Make with Squares: Bags, Pillows, Blanket and More! - Moogly

How to Make Granny Squares… and Non-Grannies!

All of these projects can be made with the traditional granny square. But they can really be made with *any* square! Granny squares used to specifically refer to the squares made with 3-dc clusters, or the granny stitch. These days, “granny square” is used to describe squares made with all sorts of stitch patterns.

How to Crochet Multicolor Granny Squares that look perfect every time! Video and photo #crochet tutorial on Moogly

So these ideas can work with traditional grannies – or with any square or block pattern of your choice! The yarn, hook, and pattern used will determine the sizes of the squares. Click the links below to learn how to crochet granny squares, and to find dozens of unique 12″ squares you can mix and match into whatever you like! Plus there are some great tips and even more project ideas!

How To Join Crochet Squares

12 Great Methods for Joining #Crochet Afghan Square and Blocks!

There are dozens of ways you can join crochet squares, from simply whip stitching them together to fancy crocheted joins. These joins are an important factor in not only the finished look of your project, but also will affect the finished size, so it’s important to plan for the right join. CLICK HERE to check out 14 different methods you can choose from!

Now on to the ideas – what can you make with crocheted squares? So many things!

What Can I Make With X Number of Squares?

Whether you’ve got one square or dozens, you can combine them into all sorts of shapes and projects! Here are some layouts for you to try! Feel free to print these off using the Print Friendly button below, for your crochet notebook or to hang in your craft room!

Layouts for Blankets Made with Squares

Here are just a few examples of the blanket sizes you can make with 12″ squares. If you’d like to use 6″ squares instead, be sure to multiply the number of squares needed by 4! CLICK HERE for the printable and downloadable PDF!

Layouts for Blankets made with 12" Squares - Moogly

Layouts for Bags Made with Squares

Large or small squares can be turned into bags – and the bigger the squares, the bigger the bag! Use these layouts for everything from little coin purses to large weekend bags! Just remember to line them if your squares are holey. CLICK HERE for the PDF for 1-10 Squares, and CLICK HERE for the PDF for 12-32 Squares!

Layouts for Bags made with 1-10 Squares - MooglyLayouts for Bags made with 12-32 Squares - Moogly

Layouts for Pillows Made with Squares

There are lots of ways you could combine squares into pillows – square or bolster! Here are a few ideas for large squares, as well as small ones. When filling your new pillow, I recommend choosing a pillow form that is 2″ bigger than the pillow case you’ve crocheted. This will give you a nice fluffy pillow, and the pillow form will keep any fluff from escaping and make it washable! CLICK HERE for the downloadable and printable PDF!

Layouts for Pillows made with Squares - Moogly

Layout Ideas for Garments and Accessories Made with Squares

When it comes to crochet clothes and accessories, the granny square size matters a little more! Here are some general ideas and inspiration for projects you can make with squares – the number depends on how big your squares are, and how big you want your piece to be! CLICK HERE for the printable and downloadable PDF!

Layout Ideas for Garments and accessories made with Squares - Moogly

Get the Patterns, Edgings, and More!

Ready for more? Check out these links!

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Easy Crochet Projects to Make with Squares: Bags, Pillows, Blanket and More! - Moogly

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial for Easy Crochet Projects to Make with Squares! If this video doesn’t answer all your questions, please ask in the comments below – I’m always happy to help! And be sure to let us know if there are any possibilities we missed!

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