Crochet Rocky Ripple Blanket + Tutorial

The Crochet Rocky Ripple Blanket has two heights for the ripple or chevron look. It almost looks like twin peaks. The blanket is a multiple of 40 chs + 2 to change the size using Caron Jumbo Ombre yarn.

The tutorial uses Caron Ripple Cakes but is just used for demonstration. I donโ€™t know the yarn substitution quantities but it looks look amazing eh? Caron Ripple Cakes are exclusive to Michaels Stores.

The tutorial is designed to be able to follow with helpful time markers to assist you in the video description.




In production.

Another Wave Blanket

For those thinking of the up and coming Christmas Season, you may be interested in a more simpler wave or chevron looking blanket. This is the Crochet Holiday Throw. A free tutorial is also available for this one. This is using Red Heart Super Saver.

Crochet Holiday Chevron Throw
Crochet Holiday Chevron Throw

You may also love the Crochet Ripples of Joy Blanket. This one also has the back loops behind used like the Rocky Mountain Stitch version. All of the chevrons are the same size. A free tutorial is available as well. This is using Red Heart Super Saver yarn.

Crochet Ripples of Joy Blanket
Crochet Ripples of Joy Blanket

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