Crochet Mini Toddler Shark Snuggle Sack Pattern

Crochet Mini Toddler Shark
Crochet Mini Toddler Shark

Crochet Mini Toddler Shark Snuggle Sack

Many people have requested a smaller version of the latest Fin-Tastic Shark Snuggle Sack by

Jennie Renshaw of Missouri, USA saw a need and fulfilled a need by doing an adaptation of the Shark for her 3 year old grandson, Chase.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet Shark. See notes below for the changes. 

Jennie figured out how to make the shark turn from 53″ down to 38″ for her grandson.

The original shark is for about 5 – 12 year old children and she really loved the concept but didn’t want to make it as large. So she adapted the pattern. Just as a side note, her adaptation doesn’t make it a brand new pattern or for her to be the designer of this pattern. It just means she tweaked it a bit and is sharing that information with us.

The original size of this shark is 45″ long in the sack without the tail. The tail is 8″ additional making the whole shark being 53″ long. Jennie’s version is 30″ long in the sack without the tail. Her tails it the pattern instructions making her shark 38″ long.

Yarn Requirements

Follow the original yarn requirements for colour. You will use 2 and a little bit of a 3rd ball of Bernat Blanket Light Gray instead of 4 balls.

Chase, 3 Year Old Toddler showing off his new Mini Crochet Shark
Chase, 3 Year Old Toddler, showing off his new Mini Crochet Shark crocheted by Jennie Renshaw.

What hasn’t changed in Jennie’s Pattern are the following:

  1. Starting circumference is the same.
  2. Fin, tail, teeth, eyes, gums and jaw are the same.

Jennie has changed the length by subtracting out growth distances.

Changes Made

Just print out the pattern by going to the “GET PATTERN” Button at the top of this article. Just note the two simple changes below and you will have a toddler size crochet shark snuggle sack.

Main Body

  1. Crochet a distance of 12″. Not 24″

Tail Shaping

In each section of the tail. There was a set of instructions for a decrease round and then after it is an additional 5 rounds of just regular half double crochet around.

  • Jennie reduced from 5 half double crochet rounds and only did 3. So she is essentially subtracting 2 rounds per section of each time it was requested. This made the tail much shorter and still kept the accurate counts.

That’s it. Her changes were all in the body and body shaping. Everything else remained the same.

Fin-Tastic Shark Sleep and Snuggle Sack Anatomy Chalk Board
Fin-Tastic Shark Sleep and Snuggle Sack Anatomy Chalk Board

Video Tutorial

Please note the video tutorial is for the original sizes, the notes above are the changes of the pattern to decrease the shark for toddler sizes. When following along, just make note of the changes above to do within this pattern.

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