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Hello everyone who loves amigurumi…
Today I shared the amigurumi snail crochet pattern for you. Below you will find a step-by-step tutorial of this pattern and you will complete it without any difficulty. Thanks to the creator for this cute pattern.

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• Body color (e.g. beige)
• 3 color for the shell ( e.g. color 1 pink, color 2 brown, color 3 red)
• Ruffle color (e.g. green)
• Black and white thread for the eyes and eyebrows (or safety eyes 6-8 mm)
• If you want, you can join a rattle
• Pink blush for the cheeks

• Toy stuffing
• Stitch marker
• Crochet hook 2,5 mm
• Needle for sewing
• Scissors

St– stitch
Sc– single crochet
MR– magic ring
Inc/dec– increase/ decrease
Ch– chain
Slst– slip stitch
Tch– turning chain– single crochet into one stitch
BLO– back loop only
FLO– front loop only
Rnd– round
Hdc– half double crochet
Dc– double crochet

Hbob– bobble stitch (3 hdc tog)
Bob– bobble stitch (4 dc tog)
(..)*x – repeat x times

Let’s crochet the shell part of the amigurumi snail pattern


Begin with color 1, chain 9 and begin in the 2nd ch from the hook. No need to cut color 1. We will take it up again after the next color change. Crochet in rows.
Rnd 1. 7sc, 4sc/st, 7sc (18)
Change to color , 2 tch
Rnd 2. dc, (hbob)*6, (2 hbob/ st)*4, (hbob)*6, dc (22)

Change to color 1, 2 tch
Rnd 3. BLO: 7sc, (sc, inc)*4, 7sc, tch (26)
Rnd 4. FLO: 7sc, (2sc, inc)*4, 7sc, tch (30)
Rnd 5. BLO: 7sc, (3sc, inc)*4, 7sc (34)

Change to color 3, 2 tch
Rnd 6. sc, bob, 3sc, bob, sc, inc, sc, bob, 2sc, inc, bob, 3sc, (sc, bob)/st, 3sc, bob, inc, 2sc, bob, (3sc, bob)*2, slst into the same st, 2 tch (38)
Rnd 7. 7 hdc, (5 hdc, hdc inc)*4, 7 hdc (42)
Rnd 8. 42 dc into the bridge in front of the FLO (42)

Cut the thread and sew up all threads. After crocheting both parts, leave a long thread (50cm) for sewing. In this picture you can see the described bridge from round 8.

Put both parts together (the outsides are facing eachother) and sew them together using the 50cm long thread. Only go through the inside facing loops shile sewing. Cut the thread and turn the piece inside out.

Hold the shell upside down and slip stitch with the body color in the left corner of one short side. Sc along the following long, short and long side again. Plase leave out the last short side, because the neck will be sewn on this side later. Don’t cut the thread, crochet into the BLO as follows:

5 tch, slst, (3 ch, slst, 5 ch, slst)* until the end of the sc

End with a slst, cut the thread about 100cm long. You can use this thread to sew on the shell into the body and neck later.

Tip: For better result, crochet the ch loosely. Use a hook size larger, if it’s too difficult for you.

Let’s crochet the body part of the amigurumi toy

Begin with body color
Rnd 1. 6sc into a MR (6)
Rnd 2. 6sc (6)
Rnd 3. (sc, inc)*3 (9)
Rnd 4. 9sc (9)

Rnd 5. (2sc, inc)*3 (12)
Rnd 6-10. 12sc (5 rows) (12)
Stuff lightly and crochet it together with 6sc
Rnd 11. ch, 6sc, FLO, 6sc into the leftover loops (12)
Rnd 12. (sc, inc)*6 (18)
Rnd 13-32. 18sc (20 rows)

Hold the shell over the 20 rows and test, if the shell is as long as the 20 rows. You may have to crochet 1-2 rows more or less, because here, the shell will be sewn on later. Don’t stuff and crochet together with 9sc. This round should be parallel to round 10. Don’t cut the thread, you will crochet the neck and head directly after the body.

Let’s crochet the head and neck of the amigurumi pattern

Neck and Head
Rnd 33. ch, 9sc FLO, 9sc into the leftover loops (18)
Rnd 34-47. 18sc (14 rows) (18)
Rnd 48. 18sc BLO (18)
Don’t cut the thread, we will pick it up again after crocheting the ruffle. Hold it upside down and chain one into one of the FLO of round 48 with the color of the ruffle. Crochet as follows:

(3 ch, slst into the next st, 5 ch, slst into the next st)* until you get back to the beginning. End with a slst, cut the thread and hide it. Stuff the neck slightly and pick up the color of the body.
Rnd 49. (inc)*18 (36)
Rnd 50-57. 36sc (8 rows) (36)
Stuff the neck

Rnd 58. (4sc, dec)*6 (30)
Rnd 59. (3sc, dec)*6 (24)
Rnd 60. (2sc, dec)*6 (18)
Stuff the head. Now you will crochet the snail’s antennae
Rnd 61. 15 ch, 14 slst beginning in the 2nd ch from the hook, work on the head again, (sc, dec)*4, 15 ch, 14 slst beginning in the 2nd ch from the hook, work on the head again, (sc, dec)*2 (12)
Rnd 62. (dec)*6 – crochet into the BLO of the snail’s antennae (6)
Cut the thread and hide it.

Sew the shell with help of the flower BLO onto the body. Stuff the shell slightly and from it so it doesn’t look bulky. Now you can place the rattle. Don’t cut the thread, you also have to sew the neck onto the shell. Test, weather the snail is stable. Then cut the thread and hide it.

You can embroider snail pretty face with a black and white thread. The eyes are embroidered over row 51 to row 54, the eyebrows are embroidered across row 57 to row 55 over 3 stitches. Embroider the nose row 51 over 2 stitches with the color of the body. Apply some blush underneath the eyes with a brush.

Congratulations, you have completed the amigurumi snail pattern.

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