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It’s been very grey and dismal here in my part of the world and we’ve had a huge amount of rainfall during the past week. The little beck is close to overflowing, the fields on the outskirts of town are flooded and footpaths are soggy and muddy. It’s the kind of weather I know to expect in winter but still, I can’t help myself longing for some bright, sunny cold frosty days instead of the endless shades of dim grey. Yesterday afternoon I happened to look out of the window just as a huge arc of a rainbow was gently fading away above the rooftops, and it really made me smile in that moment. A tiny little glimmer of colour in a day that was wild and stormy from start to finish.


Back in December at the start of the winter season, we had a week or two of very cold weather where the temperatures fell well below zero and pretty much everything that stood still for long enough was covered in a delicate layer of ice. Even on those days when we walked through a freezing murky fog, it was enchanting to see how the trees and hedgerows were transformed into beautiful white icy sculptures. 

I know that signs of Spring will slowly, slowly creep in as the weeks unfold now, and I’m looking forward to going in search of it….I guess it won’t be too much longer before the first snowdrops appear and I’m all for it. 


I’ve spent a lot of time on social media this past week and  from all the photos I’ve seen I know there are a good many of you joining me on this blanket journey and I hope that you’ve enjoyed getting started with your stripes. I would like to thank you all so much for sharing your progress online and for all the heart warming friendship and support you’ve freely given to our online groups, it’s been absolutely wonderful to see.

If you aren’t already a part of the Attic24 Facebook community, I can highly recommend it if you’re looking for some friendly banter and to join up with hundreds of other hooksters all over the world. You can share photos of your blanket progress, pick up lots of handy hints and tips and chat to your hearts content. There are three groups on Facebook to look out for :

Hooked on Attic24

Attic24 and Lots More – UK

Just Attic24 Friends

These groups are very active and friendly, and you’d be made so welcome if you wanted to join in (please do make sure you answer all questions when you submit your joining request as the admins won’t be able to accept you into the group if you don’t). I’d like to say a massive heart-felt thank you to the fabulous folks who administrate these groups and take care of the day to day running of them, I am so grateful to them.


I love the excitement that surrounds the start of a new blanket and it’s always a wonderful experience for me to see what you make of my colours and designs. I know that so many of you look forward to this annual crochet along as a way to start the new year with some gentle creativity and I’m really happy that I can help you with that! As soon as my yarn packs go on sale in November, the buzz on social media is tangible – the Attic24 community really is something very special. 

I hope that after the first week of the CAL that you are all well underway and enjoying these soft, winter-spring colours that I’ve drawn together for you. I’ve enjoyed seeing you gather in your supplies and setting off on your Springfrost journey, and the various ways in which you are keeping your colours in check (thank you to Michele for the above image) have made me smile. 

As you know, I do like to include some of your photos each week in celebration of our crochet community and the fabulous sharing across Facebook and Instagram which makes the crochet-along experience extra special. Today I want to inspire you with some images which show the Springfrost colour palette being used in some very creative ways – stripes obviously aren’t for everybody!!

Jane (2)

I’ve seen quite a few Yuletide blankets being given the Springfrost treatment, and Jane’s photo above gives you a taste of how absurdly pretty this combination is going to be. I think we are collectively calling this blanket “Springtide” which is absolutely brilliant.


Chris is also making some Springtide squares, crocheting the first nine rounds of the Yuletide pattern for hers. She has a really inspirational Instagram account (@krafty_kris3) which is definitely worth a follow.


Sandra is also going the square route and making her Springfrost colours into an Aria blanket. I’m really excited for this as she is taking on the Aria colour story and working from the centre outwards (think pale pink shades in the centre, radiating out through the frosty purples, greens and blues).


Nikii (@nikiiloops) stopped me in my tracks with these square beauties on Instagram, wow, aren’t they amazing?! They are made using the tapestry crochet technique and the pattern by Tinna Thórudóttir Thorvaldsdóttir can be found on Ravelry:


Beautiful work Nikii.


Aside from the square variations, I’ve also spotted some alternative stripes and they really do look lovely in the soft Springfrost shades. Helen is making a Seaside Stashbuster blanket designed by Eleanora of Coastal Crochet – you can find the pattern ((here))


Sharon is going miniature and making beautiful, tiny rows of moss stitch. I think she said this is going to be a baby blanket because there will be an awful lot of rows…’s going to look unbelievably pretty.


And finally, not stripes, not squares, but something in the round caught my eye – the start of a Mandala Madness blanket. Hayley is using a fabulous pattern by Helen Shrimpton (pattern details can be found here) and I think “Springfrost Madness” sounds like a lot of fun!

Seeing your photos and all the creativity flowing is always a huge part of the CAL for me, I LOVE to see what you make of my designs and how many of you have the confidence to grow your ideas and make your own unique blankets come to life. Oh, I almost forgot, I really want to show you this image……….


….I saw this on Facebook and was really struck by the simple beauty of it – Lydia is taking inspiration from the sky and has put together her own “Winterfrost” colour palette.

Next week I’ll be sharing more alternative colour palettes, I’ve seen some wonderful stash-bust colours coming together with the Springfrost stitch pattern. More next week.


So lets take a look at the next part of the Springfrost blanket – we’re going to be working 18 stripes this week. 


I hope that you’ve all settled into the pattern and are loving the easy, soothing stripes as they gently grow in your hands. I’ve read that a lot of you are really appreciating the therapeutic nature of this simple pattern, and I totally get it – me too! I’m working my own blanket just a week ahead of you so am joining in with the CAL each week and it’s bringing me so much comfort.


Week two continues with the soft, cool spring colours gently growing. I have to confess that this is a deceptively complex colour palette to balance and I’ve worked hard to put these fifteen colours into a very soothing, harmonious order. I think looking at it all spread out – so far, so good!


I still can’t get over the insanely satisfying texture of this stitch, it really is lush. I can tell you the kitty definitely approves of the squishiness and I’ve lost count of the times I’ve found her sitting on my stripes. She’s a good blanket tester, followed closely by Little B who is constantly wrapped up in crochet whenever he is sitting downstairs.


Here is the colour info for Part 2 of the Springfrost Blanket. Click on the following link for the printable worksheet…


Remember that this list of colours refers to the stripes, so crochet two rows of each colour.

16. Wisteria 

17. Cloud Blue

18. Pale Rose

19. Lincoln

20. Baby Blue

21. A Hint of Silver

22. Duck Egg

23. White

24. Mushroom

25. Pistachio

26. Spearmint

27. Blue Marl

28. Powder Pink

29. Parma Violet

30. Meadow

31. Baby Blue

32. Wisteria

33. Mushroom

NOTE : If you are making a larger double/king blanket with two yarn packs, there will be an extra set of stripes given in part 6 for you to add on if you wish.



I hope you have a really peaceful and gentle week ahead and that these comforting stripes bring you some happy moments. Enjoy the hooky therapy!






♥ CAL PART 1 : stripes 1-15



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