Attic24: Postcards from Dorset :: day 1


Hellloooooooo from sunny, beautiful Dorset! I’m here spending the week pootling and relaxing by the sea (again), and as it’s the half term holiday I’m delighted to have company this time – yay!! Not only is J here, but we also have Little B and Little Lady with us. We arrived yesterday and I thought it would be fun to write to you each day I’m here, a bit like sending you some postcards.

In a break from tradition, we’re staying somewhere new this time and it is absolutely luverleeeee. In the photo above, you can see our home for the week – it’s a small, family run caravan site in a beautiful rural location surrounded by hilly fields and overlooking the sea. It’s the first time we’ve ever rented a static caravan, but of course from our years holidaying with Connievan we knew that we would love this kind of simple accommodation.


After we’d settled in yesterday and had a picnic dinner outside our little home on legs, we decided to walk down across the fields to the beach.


You can just make out the caravan site in the above photo, nestled into the crest of the hill up there.


This is part of the long stretch of Chesil Beach which we are very familiar with as we’ve been here many, many times on family holidays over the years. It was so, so lovely to sit on the sun-warmed shingle last night and listen to the soothing lull of the sea. And yes, of course I had a crochet blanket with me 🙂


This part of Chesil beach is made up from very distinctive small pebbles, they are the size of peas and beans and extremely tactile. I l-o-v-e just sitting and sifting my hands through them, it’s something I’ve loved since being a child and it gives me a deep sense of calm.


The return walk back to the caravan site is uphill the whole way, passing through the very small, quiet village of West Bexington. At this time of year the gardens are brimming with flowers, and with palm trees and giant spires of echiums there is something of a Mediterranean feel to it all. I fall in love with this village a little more each time I visit.


There happens to be a wonderful pub half way up the hill with a beautifully manicured garden overlooking the sea. We stopped to enjoy a drink and I felt so relaxed being there with J and the LP enjoying the start of what I hope is going to be a lovely family holiday to add to the memory bank. Cheers!


Continuing on our way… a slow, steady climb past idyllic looking cottages….


….admiring all the gorgeously wild blooms in the hedgerows.


The beautiful light at the end of a hot, sunshiny day….


…..and continuous sea views made me feel full to the brim with happy vibes.


I sat outside our caravan into the evening, snuggled in my crochet blankets, drinking tea and waiting for the dark to descend. It was wonderful to watch the sky slowly change colour and see the first stars appear in the sky. It’s 9.30pm in the above photo, at the end of a long but lovely day. So good!




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