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I’ve been so obsessed with my Springfrost blanket during the past few months that I haven’t had very much wiggle room inside my Creative Mind of late. It’s nothing unusual for me to be honest – I do tend to have a very focussed, one-track mind when I’m fully immersed in a crochet project and I like to give it my whole undivided attention.

I finished crocheting the border on my blanket over the weekend (and I’m so, so excited to share it with you, it’s beeeautiful), so of course that immediately left me twiddling my digits and looking for something new to scratch the creative itch. Out came my bag of cotton yarn and I selected a lovely colour palette to work with – a cute mix of brights and pastels which immediately put me in a happy mood.


I fancied making something super pretty and super speedy that would fly off my hook, land on my table and make me smile. And given that today is Valentine’s Day, then something heart shaped seemed like it would hit the spot nicely.

Can you guess where I went to find a suitable pattern? Yup, that’s right, I tootled off to the left sidebar of this very blog and clicked on the “Heart Decoration” tutorial…..such fun!! Reading my own blurb and following the detailed photo tutorial that I very thoughtfully provided for my future self was a delight, and my my hook flew through those stitches in no time.

Oh, before I get carried away, let me give you some yarn details, just in case you are feeling inspired by these pretty colours. The yarn is Ricorumi DK which I really love using for these sorts of small, decorative projects. The yarn balls are mini 25g sized, so you can build a good palette of colours without spending too much money.

The colours I used are as follows :

Heart : Rose, Orchid, Red and Fuchsia

Polyanthus flower : Tangerine, Pastel Yellow, Fuchsia

Polyanthus leaves : Pastel Green and Mint, with some stitching in Light Green

Baby flowers : Pastel Yellow, with a Tangerine french knot in the centre, and Light Green leaves


I’m really proud of my polyanthus design (which you can find HERE), it’s perfect for the fresh Spring look that I wanted for my heart.


The baby flowers are teeeeeny-weeeeeny as you can see in the above photo. Oh, they are ever so cute! You might remember the little blossom flowers I made last year for my Winter garland? Well these baby flowers are just a smaller version.


Chain 4; slip stitch into 1st chain to form a ring;

All petal stitches are worked into the ring, as follows :

*(chain 1; 1 htr ; chain 1; slip stitch;)

Repeat from * four more times, to make five petals in total; slip stitch into beginning chain-1 to close the round and fasten off.

The centre french knot is stitched and is optional, but I think it adds a lovely detail.


*(chain 3; slip stitch in 2nd chain from hook, and again in the next chain;)

Repeat from * once more, so that you have two little mini leaves which sit in a V shape, then fasten off and stitch to the back of your baby flower.


I didn’t plan the flowers in advance, they just kind of bloomed in front of my eyes. I’d forgotten the thrill of designing and making in Full Flow, just allowing myself to play and crochet whatever my heart wanted. I think it took me about an hour and a half from the point where I pulled my bag of yarn out of the cupboard to darning in the last ends.


I had a lovely surprise when I came downstairs this morning as I’d completely forgotten that I’d had this unexpected flurry of creativity last night, haha, true story! It was like my very own surprise Valentine’s Day gift, from me to myself!!

I enjoyed taking a few photos earlier on today that I could share with you here, just a little something to hopefully brighten your day…..





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