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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to take on the new year with renewed energy and excitement. cosy socksI have a new wooly pair on my feet and a new one in the work, so I thought I’d open a new year of blogging with a cosy knitting chat.sourdough backingWe spent the last day of 2022 at home, cooking, sourdough baking and reading. The home-made pesto is not in focus but it’s absolutely gorgeous with the freshly baked bread.

cosy knittingI spent hours in my cosy knitting spot. Snuggled with coffee under my Stripes and Colours blanket. I was completely in my happy place mode and was almost ready to take these striped socks off the needles.

Beach knitting

I Cast On this pair on the beach on a sunny Saturday morning. My photo library tells me it was the 17th of December. I found a “free chair” right in the water line waiting for me after a sunny barefoot walk. E was far inside the sea, windsurfing and I had some me time while waiting for him.

beach knittingbeach knittingI had the best time of my life sitting on this small orange plastic chair. Knitting in the round, melting into the knit 2 purl 2 rhythmus. While the sea makes its move touching my feet back and forth. Thank you GOOD GOD for these moments. Even when writing these words I can still feel my heart taking in the thankfulness.

Sunset knittingcosy sunset knitting

I was so inside my peaceful moment and just when E came back then I turned my head to look backwards at him. I realized that there were so many people sitting right behind me watching the stunning sunset. It was a truly breathtaking and awe-inspiring moment that I was privileged to witness.

Cosy knitting

A New Year and cosy knittingUsually when I cast on a new pair of socks I make two balls of the wool because I like to work on two socks in parallel. I’m not a ‘two at a time’ kinda knitter but I do like to be making them in parallel. So in this pair I made two balls from each wool and Cast On the two of them.

A New Year and cosy knittingI got this Ikea basket from one of the knit night ladies and its like a small portable studio. It usually lives next to my knitting spot and I have everything I need in hand for my everyday knitting routine. A maker lifestyle if you like? Or is it my ‘build in’ need to have everything tidy, organized and aesthetic around me? all the answers are correct! A cosy knitting indeed! What makes your knitting cosy? Is it a special comfort chair? Do you also have a knitting box/ basket / bag next to where you knit?

New year’s pancakes

I was tempted to finish up my new pair that day but I also wanted to treat my family with a special afternoon snack. And so I made these healthy pancakes and invited them all to the table. I was the queen of all mothers at this specific moment.
healthy pancakes

New year’s eve

A New Year and cosy knittingA New Year and cosy knittingAnd so on the evening of Decebmer 31st, right before I was ready to wrap up the day, I was grafting the stitches on the second sock and had them on my feet.hand knitted socksI took this picture a few minutes before closing my day and heading to bed. I was ready with a new pair of hand knitted socks to welcome the first morning of the new year. New YearAnd what better way to welcome the new year than with a brand new pair of cosy stylish hand knitted socks?socks knitterThis picture was taken today on my morning knitting. I enjoy knitting a new pair of socks with my first coffee. It’s the ultimate everyday cosy knitting time. One of my intentions for the new year is to keep enjoying my morning knitting routine with coffee EVERY single day!

A new episode

While I was sharing my socks knitting on social, many of you asked me about the yarns I used and how many stitches I Cast On. So, Yesterday I uploaded the first episode of 2023 to my YouTube channel with all the answers.

In my new episode I chat about some of my current knitting and crochet projects as well as all the details of the yarns I used for each. I also announce the 5 giveaway winners from the Chunky Benji episode. sourdough backingAt the end of the video I share my go-to sourdough recipe because many of you kindly asked if I can share it. There’s a timestamps in the description box so you can jump right into it if that’s what you like. Thanks for watching my video and please like and subscribe if you haven’t done so already. Thanks for those of you who already watched and liked and thank you for commenting. I greatly appreciate you!

Cosy wooly pile

hand knitted socksOMGoodness this socks pile, all those wooly stitches, all the LOVE! Now the Chestnut socks will get some help because they are in a massive use here recently. It’s the striped socks time to take the work. And yes the ribbed ones are also off the needles, just some yarn ends weaving and they are ready to be worn with my Blundstones. cosy sock knittingI hope you also find time to do things that bring you joy this year, whether it’s knitting, crochet, cooking, reading, or anything else. Thank you as always for visiting me here in my little blogging corner. Wishing you all a happy new year, xxMo

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