6 Crochet Basket Madness Patterns

Crochet Basket Madness Patterns

Basket Madness Collection

I have a bit of an obsession with baskets. I’m not entirely sure why it may be because I come from a long line of basket lovers. Whatever the cause I love them, I love putting things in them, and I like how it can make the illusion of a tidy room with a chaotically filled basket.

I couldn’t find something for holding my tea in the colour that I wanted or the shape I was looking for, then I realized I have this amazing ability to create something and this is how this collection came together, I realized I’m likely not the only basket loving person out there.

Crochet Cutlery Basket Pattern

Cutlery Basket

When I started my search for the perfect Tea holding device for the kitchen this Crochet Cutlery Basket Pattern was one of the first ones I stumbled across and really liked the look of it, its the one I settled on after much looking, I didn’t realize how many basket patterns there really were online! The biggest perk is that I can make it in colours to match my kitchen which isn’t always easy when you are looking in the stores, and I’d much rather shop the yarn isle lets be real!

This beginner-friendly pattern is made using Bernat Maker Outdoor, if you haven’t tried this yarn yet I highly recommend you do, with one of these baskets even. There are two different basket sizes to choose from in this pattern. You have the option of making the set or you can go with just one that may suit your needs. The baskets are great for in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or dorm room.

Cutlery Baskets

Crochet Nesting Bowl Patterns

Nesting Bowl

These Crochet Nesting Bowls always reminded me of the grown-up version of those dolls that you stacked inside of each other, Nesting Dolls I believe they were called. My grandmother had a set of those dolls and I can remember playing with them all the time when I went to visit. I want to make a set on the claim that I’m sure I need them for something practical, but in all reality, it reminds me a little of being a kid but in a grown-up form. I’m sure I can find some kind of use for them. Does anyone know if you can line these with something to put plants in?

The Crochet Nesting Bowl Pattern is made using the Bernat Maker Home Dec. You could make them all in one colour multiple colours, you could do them in different Holiday colours or seasonal colours and use them as an accent piece in any room.

Nesting Bowls

Crochet Dip Edge Basket Pattern

Dip Edge Basket

I love the look of this Dip Edge Crochet Basket Pattern. This basket would be great for a child’s room for them to keep their smaller toys in, or you could use it as an accent piece in a guest room if you had one. Another fun option is using it to hold the crochet project you are currently working on after you make this one for your self that is.

The Dip Edge Crochet Basket Pattern is made using two strands of Bernat Blanket yarn held together. I have a bunch of part balls that I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it all, I think using it for this basket will be a useful and practical way to get rid of the ends. Unused blanket yarn tends to take up a lot of room in my craft corner that could be filled with other yarn that isn’t getting used right away.


Dip Edge Crochet Basket

Crochet It’s A Hoot Container Pattern

It’s A Hoot Container

How cute would this Crochet It’s A Hoot Owl Container Pattern be in a baby’s nursery? If you are someone who collects wise ol’ owls or you know someone who collects them what better gift than this cute little basket.  If you do craft shows like me you know those owl hats are very popular, what would be more perfect to hold your inventory of owl hats in, than an owl basket! Humm.. my wheels are turning now, I love a good theme!

Designed by Michele Wilcox this It’s A Hoot Container is made with Red Heart Super Saver. Play with the colours and see what kind of fun owl combinations you can come up with, Use them to hold part of your yarn stash as decoration, then it becomes art, not just a hobby!


It’s A Hoot Container

Crochet Striping Fun Basket Pattern

Striping Fun Basket

The colour they used in this basket is so pretty that alone caught my eye, then the added perk that it’s a Crochet Striping Fun Baskets Pattern. Most places are doing away with the plastic bags, I feel like this would be a great little basket to have in your trunk where it can lay flat to save space, it would be great for those quick little trips into the store when you have to pick up a couple of things, we are all about the practical as well as fun!

Designed by Heather Lodinsky Adapted by Rebecca J. Venton, the Crochet Striping Fun Basket Pattern is made using Red Heart Super Saver Stripes, there are some really fun colours in that colour line! The basket is made using three strands held together to get the thickness. This would also make another great WIP basket.


Striping Fun Basket

Crochet Kitty Toy Basket Pattern

Kitty Toy Basket

This is the last basket in this collection and we can’t forget our little furry kitty babies, this Crochet Kitty Toy Basket Pattern is great for stashing their little kitty toys in between their play sessions when they aren’t hiding them in hard to reach or hard to find places because even though we love them, they can be little jerkfaces. There’s a good chance that most kitties will take the toys out and use this to curl up in because why not?

This adorable basket was Designed by Heather Lodinsky and the Kitty Toy Basket was made using Red Heart Super Saver Chunky. This basket unlike most of the rest of these ones is made up in two pieces, the bottom and the side then attached together.

It’s also a cute little basket to have on your dresser to throw your small things in at the end of the day that you for some reason have drug to your bedroom with you.. no? just me?

Kitty Toy Basket

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