51 Christmas Crochet Gift Patterns

Crochet Christmas Ideas
Crochet Christmas Ideas

Christmas Crochet Gift Ideas

It’s easy to buy something pre-made for Christmas but handmade can be very thoughtful and stitched with an appreciation of family and friends.

I have put together a list for potential gift giving ideas. As Christmas gets closer, our time frames get tightened up and our projects tend to get smaller. Working ahead can allow you the time you need to accomplish your goals.

All patterns suggested are free and I have categorized my fun finds.


Crochet Boho Ornament Afghan Face Down 2
Crochet Boho Ornament Afghan. Number 10 on list.

25 Christmas Afghans – Most Time Required

  1. Snowflake Afghan by Diva Dan – Tutorial Included
  2. Peppermint Throw by Bendy Carter – Tutorial Included
  3. Crochet Scandinavian Blanket by Mikey – Tutorial Included
  4. Holiday Throw by Marianne Forrestal
  5. Crochet Snowflake Throw by Jessie Rayot
  6. Victorian Christmas Afghan by Ann E. Smith
  7. Country Snow Window Afghan by Mikey and Diva Dan
  8. Christmas Plaid by Marly Bird – Tutorial Included
  9. Christmas Poinsettia Granny Afghan by Katherine Eng
  10. Christmas Boho Afghan by Mikey – Tutorial Included
  11. Crochet Glisten Holiday Throw by Marly Bird
  12. Christmas Cheer Heart Afghan by SmoothFox
  13. Christmas Plaid Afghan by Yarnspirations (shown in Page Feature) – Tutorial Included
  14. Crochet Tad O’Plaid Blanket by Yarnspirations – Tutorial Included
  15. Divine Textured Throw by Bonnie Barker
  16. Crochet Snowflake Corner to Corner Afghan by Marly Bird – Tutorial Included
  17. Crochet Petal Pops Afghan by Yarnspirations – Tutorial Included
  18. Crochet Reindeer Blanket by Repeat Crafter Me
  19. Yule Tree Throw by Bonnie Barker
  20. Crochet Gingham Blanket by Yarnspirations
  21. Crochet Peppermint Blanket by Mikey – Tutorial Included
  22. Crochet Gingerbread House Throw by Michele Wilcox
  23. Christmas Poinsettia Afghan by Rosetta Harshman
  24. Crochet Stepladder Thick Blanket by Yarnspirations – Tutorial Included
  25. Country Christmas Afghan by Hooked on Homemade Happiness

Crochet Christmas Stocking
Crochet Christmas Stocking. Number 17 on list.

19 Christmas Stockings – An Evening or Two

  1. The Family Stockings by Abigail Haze
  2. Crochet Quick Holiday Mini Stocking by Marly Bird
  3. Santa’s Stocking by Hooks & Sunshine
  4. Christmas Stockings for Lip Balm by Heather P
  5. Crochet Hexagonal Granny Christmas Stocking by Yarnspirations
  6. Crochet Zig Zag Stocking by Linda Cyr – Tutorial Included
  7. Crochet Tiny Stockings Advent Calendar by Allison Hoffman
  8. Christmas Stocking Mini Ornament Stocking by Yarnspirations
  9. Stash Slasher Stocking Garland by Suzetta
  10. Crochet Dog Paws Christmas Stocking – Tutorial Included
  11. Christmas Stocking by Carol Ballard
  12. Crochet Mandala Stocking by YarnHookNeedles
  13. Crochet Farmhouse Stocking by Sewrella
  14. Maltida Stocking by The Lavender Chair
  15. Crochet Cat Paws Christmas Stocking – Tutorial Included
  16. Christmas Stocking by Yarnspirations – Tutorial Included
  17. Christmas Stocking with Embroidery Characters by Yarnspirations
  18. Bernat POP! Christmas Stocking by BHooked
  19. Easy Crochet Christmas Stocking by Red Heart – Tutorial Included
Crochet Winter Blizzard Afghan by Daniel Zondervan
Crochet Winter Blizzard Afghan by Daniel Zondervan. Number 1 on List

7 Winter Theme without Christmas Focus

  1. Crochet Winter Blizzard by Diva Dan – Tutorial
  2. Snowflake Afghan by Art of Tangle
  3. Crochet Snowflake Throw by Jessie Rayot
  4. Crochet Snowflake Blanket by Peirrot
  5. Scandinavian Snowflake Throw by Katherine Eng
  6. Crochet Mile a Minute Snowflake on Plaid by Susie Spier Maxfield
  7. Crochet Winter Snowflake Place Mat

World’s Largest Christmas Stocking

This stocking was done in 2015. It raised over $100,000 for Children of Fallen Patriots and the afghans went onto charities in need. It was so amazing. Organized by Yarnspirations and was officially recorded as a Guinness World Book of Record.


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