45 Crochet Patterns Celebrating America

Patriotic Party Banner
Patriotic Party Banner

Independence Day’s almost here, and it’s time to celebrate your pride in The United States of America. These projects show off your skills, as well as your patriotism.

See lists below, and they are clickable links to the patterns.

Crochet American Flag, Wreaths & Banners

  1. American Pride – flag in 4 sizes, up to three and a half feet across
  2. Stars & Stripes Forever Wreath
  3. American Flag Wreath
  4. Patriotic Party Banner (see pic)
  5. Red Heart Stars and Stripes Wreath
  6. Red Heart Patriotic Bunting
  7. Red Heart Patriotic Party Banner
American Flag Crochet Pennants
American Flag Crochet Pennants

Decorate your Independence Day Table

  1. Americana Star Table Runner
  2. American Flag Pennants (see pic)
  3. Patriotic Knitted Votive Cozies
  4. Americana Knitted Jar Cozies
  5. Americana Place Setting (see pic)
  6. American Pop Can Cozy
  7. Red Heart Patriotic Stripes Bottle Cozy
  8. Aunt Lydia’s Patriotic Pentagon Doily
  9. Lily Sugar’n Cream Roll and Go Placemats
  10. Red Heart Patriotic Knit Scrubby

Blankets, Throws, Afghans & Pillows

  1. American Flag Baby Crochet Blanket – pattern from our own collection.
  2. Ships Ahoy Patriotic Throw
  3. Colors of America Throw
  4. American Waves Throw
  5. America’s Ripple Throw
  6. Sea to Shining Sea Throw
  7. Spirit of America Afghan
  8. Patriot Heart Pillow
  9. Patriotic Pillow
  10. American Cushion
  11. Stars and Stripes Ripple Crochet Blanket
  12. Red Heart Statue of Liberty Pillow
  13. Lily Sugar’n Cream Checkerboard Picnic Blanket
  14. Red Heart Patriotic Pride Throw
  15. Red Heart Patriotic Hexagon Baby Blanket
Crochet American Place Setting
Crochet American Place Setting

Dress Up & Reenact America’s History

  1. Betsy Ross Patriotic Apron
  2. Statue of Liberty Crown
  3. Uncle Sam Hat and Beard (see pic, above)
  4. American Flag Fascinator (mini hat)
  5. Patriotic Baby Cocoon & Hat
  6. Red Heart Patriotic Stripes Blanket and Hat

Wild & Free Amigurumi

  1. Bald Eagle
  2. Genghis the Eagle
  3. America’s Marvel-ous Captain
  4. Lily Sugar’n Cream Born on the 4th of July Doll

Yarn Crafts, for not-(yet)-Crocheters

  1. Patriotic Pom Pom Wreath
  2. 4th of July Firework Pom Poms
  3. All-American Cans

Knitters can celebrate with the 11 patterns in this 4th of July Knitting Patterns eBook, including Mikey’s American Loom Knit Hat Patterns. Or, cast on the American Pride Knit Cowl.

More Ideas

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  5. Crochet Finishing Techniques

More Patriotic Pattern Ideas

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