12 Delicious party appetizers – the best party snacks for you

I present to you 12 party ideas, all as good as they are beautiful. Surprise your guests!
A full description of the ingredients and recipe can be found on our blog ๐Ÿ™‚

00:00 Check-in
00:13 Rose tortilla
00:57 Bow tie with salami
01:27 Egg Salami
02:01 Beautiful spring sandwiches on toast
03:16 Quick salami sandwiches
03:52 A healthy snack with chickpeas
04:42 Muffins filled with healthy chickpea paste
05:15 Salmon roll
07:25 Salami, cream cheese and olives snack
08:00 Pumpkin with Salmon
08:36 Danish butter cookies with tomato paste and salami
09:06 Stuffed muffins with crispy ham salad

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