10 Small House Plans and Blueprints

Small house plans provide a blueprint for building your home – outlining dimensions, floor layouts, installation instructions, and foundation, electrical, and roof plans.

Small House Plans and Blueprints

Whether you’re building to save money or working on a simpler, downsized life, you can find small house blueprints in many architectural styles and layouts.

Top Small House Plans

If you can’t find a home with the features you like or in your price range, consider building your own with one of these plans.

1. Modern Farmhouse Plan

Modern Farmhouse Plan

White siding, a black roof, and black trim is one of this year’s most popular exterior looks. If you love this style, look at this modern farmhouse plan featuring 960 sq ft, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.

The interior features an open living room, dining room, and kitchen with vaulted ceilings and decorative beams. The front and rear of the house both have a 30’ x 8’ covered porch.

The blueprint includes plans for the roof, dimensional layout, electrical, and foundation. It also has wall sections, building sections, and cabinet elevations.

2. Two Bedroom Cottage House

Two Bedroom Cottage House

At only 800 sq ft, this two-bedroom, one-bathroom cottage packs many features. The layout includes a living room, kitchen, and space for a washer and dryer. The front of the home boasts a 30′ x 6′ porch, and the back features a smaller screened-in porch.

The blueprint for this cottage contains plans for a crawlspace or slab foundation, layout, electrical, and roof. It also has interior and exterior elevation specifications.

3. Small House Plan with Attached Garage

Small House Plans and Blueprints

If you’re looking for a small house plan with open-concept living and an attached two-car garage, this ranch-style home fits the bill. Clocking in at only 928 square feet, it makes good use of its space, featuring a pantry, mudroom, washer and dryer area, and a sizable primary bedroom.

The plan for this modern ranch home comes with floor plans, including electrical and foundation plans, exterior elevation, cabinet details, cross sections, and construction notes.

4. Small Two-Story House with Basement

Small House Plans and Blueprints

Small two-story homes take advantage of vertical space and maximize lot size. At 985 square feet, this rustic-modern small home features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a basement that can house a third bedroom if desired. It also features some bonus characteristics like a terrace, sundeck, and one-car garage.

Items included in this two-story house blueprint are floor, foundation, electrical, and framing plans. You can also upgrade for a custom change or a “cost to build” estimate.

Small House Plans and Blueprints

While you can find A-Frame house kits that include materials, an A-Frame plan allows more customization options. An example of a small A-frame blueprint is this home that’s around 600 square feet, with a living room, bedroom, bathroom, second-story loft, and a small kitchen.

The blueprint documents include foundation, floor, and roof plans plus exterior elevations, interior elevations, sections, and a details sheet. The materials list is an optional add-on.

6. Rustic Fairytale Cottage Plan

Small House Plans and Blueprints

No matter the style you like, you can find a house plan to match, which is evident in this fairytale cottage home plan. It boasts 782 square feet with a mix of exterior materials for interest, two bedrooms, and one bathroom. Other defining attributes include a living room with a vaulted ceiling, a washer and dryer space, and a small kitchen.

When you purchase this blueprint, you’ll receive a foundation, floor, and roof plan, plus exterior elevations, building sections, and a details page.

7. Small Family Log Cabin Blueprint

Small House Plans and Blueprints

If you want a small log cabin, you can purchase a cabin kit with materials or a floor plan. If you want a small option, this plan is for a 681-square-foot cabin with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an open-concept kitchen/living room/dining area.

From Architectural Designs, this plan includes a detailed list of blueprints such as floor, foundation, and roofing plans. It also contains exterior elevations, building sections, building height profiles, door and window schedules, exterior finish schedules, construction details, and more. It’s one of the most detailed plans we’ve found.

8. Contemporary Home with Rooftop Deck

Small House Plans and Blueprints

Contemporary homes offer some of the most unique ideas and come in all sizes, like this 924 sq ft option. The floor plan offers two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a laundry room, and a foyer. The second floor also features a private terrace.

You can choose from three foundation options for this home. They also provide a paid ‘cost to build’ feature on their home, allowing you to estimate costs before purchasing the plan.

9. Small Craftsman Bungalow Plans

Small House Plans and Blueprints

Craftsman homes are a classic but popular architectural style focusing on natural, high-quality materials. If you’re looking for a small craftsman build, this plan is 977 square feet and two stories with two bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. Other rooms include a living room, kitchen, loft area, and washer and dryer closet.

The Craftsman blueprint includes a layout, electrical, and foundation plan. It also contains four elevations, cross-sections, and wall details.

10. Two Bedroom Barndominium Plans

Small House Plans and Blueprints

Barndominiums are homes with a classic barn-style exterior. You can find these in barndo kits or plans like this one that includes 1,170 square feet of living space. The layout features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a washer and dryer closet. It also has an attached carport.

You can find this barndominium blueprint on Etsy. It includes 3-D views, elevations, and plans for the layout, roof, foundation, and electrical.

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